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Goddess Eir’s Violet Waterfall: Goddess Eir’s Violet Waterfall is a cooling energy, like a breeze, that first goes to your crown chakra and continues directly to the third eye, flushing out everything that blocks you to see with your third eye. Using this energy, your third eye is going to open and you will be more able to see the spiritual world, have deeper insights, and boost your intuition! It is called “waterfall” because the energy moves on that principle, through the crown chakra and down to the third eye chakra. Considering the usage of this energy, you can place one hand on top of your head, on your crown chakra, and another hand on the third eye and channel this energy for 15 minutes. Another way is to mentally say the name of the energy and let it flow. So it can be used as both distant healing and hands-on healing. It works successfully both ways. You are going to feel clear-minded, open and you might even feel a cool breeze around your face. Another crucial thing is to remember to ground after using this energy and doing exercises with it.

Zadkiel’s Indigo Sphere: Zadkiel’s Indigo Sphere works like a sphere around your head. It’s an indigo energy that is “round”. It works in a round motion, like a sphere all around your head, with an intention of opening your third eye! It is a non-invasive energy; it works slowly, so you can use this energy every day. This sphere can help you to adjust you to more clearly see and perceive the spiritual realm! The exercise with this energy is easy to perform: simply have the intention of activating the energy of Zadkiel’s Indigo Sphere and meditate with the energy for 15 minutes. The energy is warm even though it is indigo colored. Of course, like all other exercises when working on upper chakras, remember to ground after using this energy.

Purple-White Energy: Purple-White Energy is a natural combination of two rays. It works in a spiral motion, very fast, going directly to the third eye in order to open it. The white ray cleanses, while the violet ray gives you the feeling of the „all-seeing eye“. It is a cooling energy and you might feel a pressure using it. This is because it is a bit invasive and strong energy while opening the third eye. It also helps if you have headaches or energy blocks. So the white ray is going into the third eye like a laser beam, while the violet ray is filling up the voids and clears the mind.  When you perform the exercise with this energy, put both palms of your hands on your third eye and channel the Purple-White Energy for 15 minutes or as long as needed. It is important to know, that you should not perform this exercise for too long, because you might feel ungrounded since all the energy goes to the upper chakras.

Saint Germain’s Whirlpool: This energy works from the crown chakra and down to open the third eye. It is called “whirlpool” because the energy is moving in that downward motion. It is a very useful and important energy because it is crucial to have opened both the crown chakra and the third eye. Both chakras should function properly, so you get information and inspiration directly from the Source! Whenever you have an intention to open your third eye, always be aware that your crown chakra should be open too, in order to see what is really given from the Source, Ascended Masters, and Angels. When you perform healing with this energy, just place your hands on your crown chakra. You can also perform it simply as a meditation exercise. Both things are equally good. The energy will fill up your whole head, including the Crown Chakra and the Third Eye Chakra.

Archangel Chamuel’s Pink-Violet Stream: The energy of Archangel Chamuel’s Pink-Violet Stream is a very gentle and subtle energy that opens the third eye. The stream of energy consists of colors from pink, violet, and purple which means that all the colors of that spectrum are beneficial in the process of opening the third eye. It is a very good and potent energy for issues with headaches or sinuses! Anyone with those issues could benefit from this energy; because an open third eye means, you are filled up with energy in that area, especially if you work a lot with that chakra. Archangel Chamuel’s Pink-Violet Stream is very good for channelers because they might overuse the third eye. It can cause headaches too, not only if the third eye is closed. Use the energy with the intention of having the energy flow as much as your intuition guides you.

Amethyst Essence: This essence helps you to open the third eye and connect you to the Divine. Amethyst energy has a calming effect and it helps in filling up any energy voids in the third eye. Also, it helps in clearing the mind generally. Further, it promotes “bright” thoughts, a sense of peace, calmness, serenity and well being. Releases tension and aid in speedy recovery.

Include manuals and beautiful certificates!

Third Eye Opening Attunements Package

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