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What is magick?
Magick is art of utilizing natural forces around us to bring about change. Magick is neutral, neither good, nor evil. The practitioner decides how they would like to focus this natural energy.
Magick is a powerful tool that you can use to bring about changes in your life.

Are you a real spellcaster and sorceress?
Yes, I am a real spellcaster and sorceress. I spent over two decades learning, studying and working with readings, various divination tools, casting spells, performing rituals, communicating with spiritual entities and the Egyptian Gods and Goddesses.
I decided to offer my services to help others in their lives with the spirits and fulfill their desires.

Can you guarantee results?
No, I can’t give you 100% guaranteed results. Just like the doctor can’t guarantee you the outcome of a surgery and the lawyer can’t guarantee you the outcome of a trial, a spellcaster can’t guarantee you the outcome of a spell. No one can give guaranteed results in any profession. You are paying for their time, energy, skill and expertise to spend on your case to achieve your desired result.
When you come to me and decide to hire me as a spellcaster, you don’t pay for a 100% guaranteed result. You pay me for my over two decades experience in spellcasting, time (preparations, meditations, contacting the spirits, Egyptian Gods and Goddesses or other entities), supplies (candles, incense, stones, oils, etc.), writing the spell or ritual, sending the required energy to manifest your desire, etc.

Do you perform custom work?
Yes, I do. If you don’t see that service or have a special desire, contact me about it and tell me how much you are willing to pay me for my service. I will discuss it with my Goddess Isis and get back to you with an answer.

Do you offer advice or guidance?
Yes, I do. See the advice, readings and divinations in the Sorcery section.

Can you help me choose which service(s) to acquire?
Yes, I can. Tell me what is your desire and how much are you willing to pay for my service(s). Then I will contact my Goddess Isis and get back to you with an answer.

Can you teach me divination, magick, sorcery or working with Egyptian Gods and Goddesses?
Yes, I can. Tell me what you desire to learn and how much are you willing to pay me for it.
For example: I want to learn Egyptian magick, sorcery and working with Egyptian Gods and Goddesses and I am willing to pay you 800$ for the teaching materials, your advice and guidance.
And my teaching materials will come in spiritual attunements, pdf manuals, spiritual alliances with the Egyptian Gods and Goddesses, advice, guidance, protection, handling your negative karma and other things.

How can I contact you?
See my Contact page.

I am in an emergency and my life may be in danger. Can you help me quickly?
Yes, see my Emergency Services page. Tell me what is the problem, how I could help you and how much are you willing to pay me for my service to you.

How can I pay you?
You can pay me via PayPal, credit card, electronic bank transfer, Western Union, MoneyGram and cash in the mail.

When will you cast my spell or ritual or send the physical item to me?
If you ordered Emergency Services, then it will be cast within 20 hours after I received payment and the physical item will be sent to you the next business day.

If you ordered normal services, then it will be cast within 48 hours after I received payment and the physical item will be sent to you in three business days.

Do you send physical items with your services?
I usually send physical items with my Egyptian Magick and Sorcery services. Aside from that, I won’t send you physical items unless it’s a necessity or a custom special work, where it would greatly help you.

Do you use animal products in your spells and rituals?
No, I don’t use animal products in my spells and rituals. I work with crystals, candles, herbs, herbal oils, sigils, metals and other supplies in my spellwork.

Do you have a Main Patron or other entity to whom you dedicated your life?
Yes, my main Egyptian Goddess is Isis. She teaches me unique spells and rituals, advanced healing practices, working with dead spirits and other excellent techniques. I can always turn to her for help or guidance if something is wrong or I need her intervention in a situation.

What if the spell or ritual is not working as I want?
I will gladly re-cast the spell 30 days later and send extra energies to manifest your wish.

If I am still not satisfied, then can I have a refund?
No. All sales are final. Once I spend my time, energy and supplies on your case, then I can’t give back your money. If I were to give it back, then I only lost on your case.
Restaurant owners don’t give your money back after you ate the food you ordered and tell them, that you did not like the service.

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