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We decided to offer our special The Keys To Angelic Power to five worthy Masters or Mistresses. Only five will be ever offered here for sale!


Do you wish to become an Angel?

Do you wish to possess Angelic Powers?

Do you wish to see, hear and speak with angelic beings?

Do you wish to travel to the Heavens?

Do you wish to obtain angelic knowledge and secrets?


We will summon forth thousands of angelic beings on your behalf during a 10 days long ritual and they will imbue you with their eternal, omnipotent angelic powers. They will transform your mind, body and soul into an angelic being. Your soul will absorb their angelic powers and make them your own.

When we finished our 10 days long ritual, you will be completely reborn as an angelic entity and possess incredibly angelic powers.


As an angelic entity, you will have...

Angelic Powers

Ability to Astral Project

Healing Powers


Eternal Youth and Immortality

Immunity Against Illnesses and Diseases

Good Luck

White Powers

Angelic Knowledge and Secrets

Super Intelligence

Supernatural Powers, Charisma and Endurance

Ability to See, Hear and Speak with Supernatural Beings

Master Over Time, Energy and Reality

Limitless Power

And much more...

The Keys To Angelic Power Soul Fusion Ritual

SKU: 239
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