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This is my ultimate spiritual awakening, third eye opening and omnipotence ritual, that I can perform on your behalf.

This is a minimum 10 days long ritual, where I summon forth Ra, Amun and Horus on your behalf, enter into an avatar state with them and work to fully awaken the powers of your mind, body and soul with spiritual power, fully open your third eye and let you see and hear spiritual entities and grant you omnipotence – limitless spiritual powers and energies.

Once the ritual is complete, then your entire life will change. Because from now on, you will be able to easily and clearly see, hear and work with spiritual entities, astral project, perform successful spells and rituals, enjoy limitless powers and energies, enter trance states, speak with dead souls and more.

The ritual will also forge a spiritual alliance between you and Ra, Amun and Horus and they will become your eternal teachers and allies along your path.

I will send you with this ritual a bracelet, that contains the powers and energies of Ra, Amun and Horus, three candles, three mineral stones and a bottle of egyptian oil.

You should wear the amulet daily and it will help you to work with Ra, Amun and Horus and other spiritual beings.

Ra-Amun-Horus' Ultimate Spiritual Awakening, Third Eye Opening And Omnipotence

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