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Mary Magdalene connects you with your power-center, enhances your creativity and graces you with magnificent, healing love.

This attunement looks at the mystery that surrounds Mary Magdalene as well as the historical accounts of her life. It aligns you with Mary’s blueprint for heart-centered soul expression; whether you choose to dance with her, meditate with her, meditate with her or connect with her for healing and guidance, this empowerment awakens you to the source of divinity that lives within all of creation.

You will learn about ways to use crystals, perfumes, essential oils, plants and symbols to enhance your connection and explore ways to bring deeper meaning into your spiritual practice.

When you work regularly with Mary Magdalene, you come to appreciate the fact that she doesn’t stand on ceremony! You can feel comfortable with her because her love and acceptance are unconditional. There is no judgment and she will encourage you to not apply unfair judgments to yourself or others. Her presence feels opulent, and rich; she as a great sense of humor!

Mary Magdalene's Inner Temple Empowerment

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