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The founder wrote the following about this attunement: Every limitation that we have is simply what we have chosen to accept. It is all in our mind, and many see the mind as being in the brain. In truth, the brain is simply the physical seat of the mind that allows it to function with, and express itself though, the body. The brain is housed within the skull, and so this becomes our single best tool for overcoming many of the limitations brought to us by the brain and our mind. I have two Kapalas. One belonged to a Sorcerer who lived just over one thousand years ago, and the other is from a baby that was killed by a Chinese soldier in Tibet just a few years ago. I eat and drink out of the more ancient Kapala every day, and keep the baby's Kapala on my altar until I travel again at which point I will take it with me to use in my daily practice. Both of them have been attuned to each other so using one is the same as using the other anyway, but I am more willing to risk the breaking or loss of the baby's Kapala than I am the older one. I had another one that cost me many thousands of dollars, but it is now in the temple of the Tibetan Kapalika Aghora Dragon Mother. The energy is still available to work with, as I am attuned to to it, and I use the energy of all three of them together quite often. They each have their various strengths, and I am using some from each of them for this empowerment, but not all of any of them.


Lessons the Kapalas bring Us

There is only one thing that every person is guaranteed when they are born, and that is that the day will come when they will die. And yet death is the one thing that most people try to avoid above all other experiences, and the single greatest event that people should prepare for and yet do not. Attachment to life and the things we like is the most useless thing that we entertain, and detachment is our single greatest hope for peace and contentment in this world. By eating and drinking from the Kapala each day we become very familiar and comfortable with Death. This is the first step toward true enlightenment. There is something strange about having our infinite spirits stuffed into a very finite body that has very limited space as well as the whole process seems to convince us, at least to some degree, that we are actually somewhat separate from the rest of Creation when we are not. When we get over the fear of death then we also tend to let go of that limiting belief about ourselves as well. The Kapala also has a bit to teach us about the Cycle of Life. Everything in this world feeds upon something else to be able to live, and then is, in turn, fed upon as well. It is only people in Western cultures who seem to have forgotten this, but those that find their way to Kapalika Aghora soon get over it. The Kapala and other bone ritual tools that we use soon teach us that we are just as much food in the end as anything else in this world. Both spiritually and physically, we are all One with all of Creation, and both our spirit, and the body it plays in for awhile, goes through various cycle of birth, growth, stabilization, decay and death, and then will often choose to be reborn yet again. The Kapala also has another thing to teach us in that by cutting it loose from the skull so that it can be used as a bowl then the finite space is no more, and the spirit is returned to infinite space once again. That is what this empowerment is ultimately about. It helps you to not only remember that you are an infinite being, but to have faith in it, and to know it. When you do then literal ALL things are possible for you. If you have ever doubted your ability to do anything then this is your invitation to give up that limiting belief.

This is an attunement and empowerment regarding a kapala, power, grace, wisdom, knowledge and eternity.

Kapala Of Power And Grace Empowerment Attunement

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