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Mu is also known as Lemuria. The Mystic Temple of Mu is octagonal and eight stories high, with a round area on the upper floor that is open to the Sun. There is a large cut crystal in the floors of each level that reflects the light of the Sun in the appropriate color for each of the chakras into the floors below. The Temple is built of Selenite, which is sometimes known as the highest of the four Master Stones in the earth.

During the initiation into the Mystic Temple of Mu you will journey in spirit to the Selenite temple to meet the High Priestess Elmira and the other Master Priests and Priestesses of the Temple. You will be taken through the initiation process and healing and empowerment work will be done on your behalf.

There are a total of twenty initiations, but two of them are only for Masters, so you will have access to eighteen initiations at the time you are presented for your Initiation. Sometimes an initiate doesn’t receive them all at once, but will continue to receive them as they gain a level of spiritual maturity or healing that makes it possible to handle higher frequencies of energy.


The Initiations.

1. The basic Mystic Temple Initiation that reconnects you to the energies of your past lifetime(s) in Mu.

2. Dimensional Resonance Activation that empowers you to receive the transmissions of the Light of Higher Consciousness.

3. Dimensional Resonance Alignment that opens, balances and empowers the chakras to allow for a free flow of the energies of Mu through your system.

4. The Seed Crystal Empowerments that gives you the ability to work with the seed crystals.

5. Deathwalk that causes you to go through a process that brings anything in your life that is interfering with your life purpose to an end.

6. Transfiguration that transforms your spirit into a higher frequency of energy helping you to better express the Creator in your daily life.

7. The Fire Initiation that cleanses the negative qualities that interfere with your spiritual life, and further empowers the chakras and the shushmna.

8. The Water Initiation that gently but forcefully removes any negative qualities that remain after the Fire Initiation.

9. Eagle Medicine that helps you connect and communicate with the Original Mind.

10. The Solar Initiation that strengthens the intellect and the ability to reason, and also assists in physical and emotional healing.

11. The Lunar Initiation that strengthens the creative abilities and your psychic capabilities, clarifies your connection to the spirit realms and helps you to release grief.

12. Dragon Medicine that works to remove apathy and complacency from our life and open you to the higher mysteries.

13. The Nagaranya Initiation to the seven-headed snake that controls the realm of the dead.

14. The White Lotus Initiation that accesses all the lessons learned in all of your lives.

15. The Initiation of the Red Hand that forces a spiritual connection with all of the great mystery schools of the world, helping you to better learn your mystical and metaphysical lessons more easily.

16. The Initiation of the Land of Shadows that brings you face to face with our own darkness and your Shadow self.

18. The Initiation to the Sun Disk that helps to purify your emotions and intentions and to disciple your ego.


Founder: Sir Clifford Alford

Initiation Into The Mystic Temple of Mu

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