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Founder: Jalu Wasonoadi

Levels 1

Higher Intelligence Booster is an energetic system & tool that aids both mystical and spiritual growth. This wonderful system works at high frequency level of Divine Mind and aid us to developing our intuition, as well as promoting the growth of a range of psychic abilities. It helps us to make a remarkable connection directly with the Divine mind, and it strengthens channeling abilities and clairvoyant psychic gifts. This is an energy system with many unusual and extraordinary metaphysical properties, across a wide range of different areas.

Higher Intelligence Booster Will:

Assist psychic and spiritual growth.

Strong ability to strengthen your capability & expertise when using these gifts.

Creates calmness and serenity.

Aid the attainment of a perfect standard of health physically.

Inspires the development of both emotional and intellectual well-being.

Making a connection via the crown chakra to the higher transpersonal chakras.

Assist you to channel spirit, and can help you to contact your spirit guide.

Promote an increase in your ability to manifest, especially an increase in personal wealth, and they may help you to manifest money. This is partly because it is so stimulating to the mind and to the imagination.

You will receive 1 distant chi attunement and 1 digital e-manual sent electronically

Higher Intelligence Booster

SKU: 321
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