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The Direct Binding of Four Elemental Kings and Queens ritual is from our elite collection! Only one will be ever offered here up for sale.


We will summon forth the Elemental King of Earth, Elemental King of Fire, Elemental Queen of Air and Elemental Queen of Water on your behalf and bind them to your soul during a four days long ritual.

Once finished, they will appear to you in a special way, such as four energy orbs made of fire, earth, air and water. They wish to teach a new worthy Master or Mistress their special elemental magic, to let you gain control over the essence of fire, earth, air and water and utilize them to fulfill your desires.

You will be bound with them for all eternity and they will often visit you to converse, give you advice or guidance, reveal special words of power or to gain masterful control over their elemental magic.

They will also invite you to visit them in their Elemental Planes and to work with their servitor elementals.

They will create a special elemental shield around your mind, body and soul made of fire, earth, air and wind, that will protect you from all kinds of negativity, harm, illness, disease, bad luck, slander, black magic attacks, curses, hexes, etc.

Their names, full powers, etc. will be revealed to the new Master or Mistress.


The new user of this ritual will obtain...

Fire Magic

Fire Manipulation

Water Magic

Water Manipulation

Air Magic

Air Manipulation

Earth Magic

Earth Manipulation

Astral Projection

Long Life

Immunity Against Illnesses And Diseases

Open Third Eye

Ability To See And Hear Spiritual Entities


Good Luck

Overall Good Health

Increased Psychic Powers

Lucid Dreaming

Energy Absorption

Energy Manipulation

Prophetic Dreams



Elemental Shield

Aura Reading

Mind Reading

And Much More...

Four Elemental Kings And Queens Direct Binding Ritual

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