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We are excited to present you with a new package of energies from Archangel Michael. They all carry “blue frequency” and help in many areas of our lives. Enjoy!

The combined benefits from the energies in this package:

  • Opens the Crown chakra
    • Helps us connect to the angel realm
    • Helps us receive messages from angels in everyday life
    • Protective energy
    • Neutralizes negativity
    • Helps to heal our physical body
    • Boosts our immune system and mental strength
    • We can energize water and oil
    • Cuts unbeneficial ties
    • Boosts our personal wisdom
    • Re-activation of the knowledge of our soul
    • Transforming ourselves into wiser beings

This powerful package contains the following attunements:

Archangel Michael’s Sphere of Wisdom: This energy is a kind of a chi ball because it is round and sphere-like. From one side it is deep, royal blue, and from the other side is transparent with silver light. It is named “wisdom” because it works on our personal wisdom that our souls carry, not just general, global wisdom. Each soul has been many times here on the Earth plane and we carry that imprint even though we might not consciously remember it. By attuning into this “chi ball of wisdom” and during the practice, we “re-activate” that knowledge. It is not about getting some clear information but transforming into a wiser entity. One day you might catch yourself thinking differently about a certain topic or issue. And it is going to change your perception and your way of thinking.

Archangel Michael’s Blue Cape: This energy is very protective. It creates an ethereal cocoon around our body that helps neutralize the influence of black magic and curses. Once you mentally activate the cape, the protection lasts for 3 days. The person should feel protection and a layer around the body after activating the cape. It is potent, and it works on a principle that everything so-called negative touches the cape and go into the light for transformation.

Archangel Michael’s Blue Crown: This is very high-frequent energy that is connected to the Crown chakra. The purpose of this energy is to make us better channelers, to connect easily to the angel realm, to receive and understand their meaning. Do not get surprised if you get signs of angels in your everyday life after having received the attunement. Using the energy you should be able to recognize them and say: “Hey, this sign is from an angel!” Of course, we should be aware of the fact that angels are always there for support and help. Our task is just to pray to God, archangels, and angels for protection, health, and guidance.

Archangel Michael’s Blue Mist: This energy is intended to help heal our physical bodies. For example, if we have flu or some other illness, due to a weaker immune system, it is going to boost us with energy so it eases the process. Of course, no one says that we should not visit a doctor or avoid medical help. That is not the point of this energy. The point is to make us stronger go through our challenges. Also, by using it, it can give us a better mood and change our mindset about the obstacle we have. The other nice and useful thing about this energy is that we can energize water and oil. Fill up a spray bottle with water, essential oil, or the water/oil from a holy place and spray it around your aura. This is going to lift you and cheer you up.

Archangel Michael’s Wand: Archangel Michael’s Wand is a very powerful energy that works on the principle of removing negativity. That so-called negativity or stagnant energy might be either in our home, working place, or our ethereal bodies. Actually, it is as if you had a real crystal wand in your hands. This energy is sharp, strong, and potent. It is not the type of energy for slow transformation, but “cutting” unbeneficial ties so they go into the light to transform.

Include manuals and beautiful certificates!

Blue Gifts From Archangel Michael

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