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Demon Asmodeus Love Spell

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

Herein I share a spell that I have used to compel others toward love and lust. This spell is best performed at 3:00 AM, the Witching Hour.

This is perhaps one of the simplest love spells to compel a lover, and one of the most reliable.


  • Black candle

  • Red candle

Set your altar so that you are facing south, your ritual dagger to the far right and chalice to the far left. Although these items may not be directly used in the present ritual, their presence is important.

Place two candles on the altar, one black and one red. Both should be about an inch from the center of the altar—the black candle an inch to the left and the red candle an inch to the right. It is best if both candles are new and unburned and are set aside only for the workings of love spells.

Step 1. Open the ritual with meditation. Close your eyes and take a deep breath in. Release the breath and release any tension. Repeat this cleaning intake of fresh air and release of stagnant energy until you can feel your mind beginning to let go. Place your hands on the altar and view the Temple through your inner vision and gradually bring the image into clarity.

Step 2. Open your eyes and let your gaze rest on the altar. Visualize energy rising from the material of the altar like steam, seeing it with all three eyes, feeling the heat waves it creates. Sense the air thickening with the energy of the ritual, ready to catalyze your will.

Step 3. Light the candles, first the black and then the red. Holding your right hand above the flames, first the black and then the red, state:

I consecrate you, the Creature of Fire, To the works of lust and to the conjuration of love. Fulfill my lust and bring me that which I love. Creature of Fire, you are conjured!

Step 4. Imagine the person that you seek to compel, visualizing them in as much detail as possible. Imagine them in the future moment in which the spell will be fulfilled, locking your imagination onto that moment, utilizing every sense, bringing that which is imagined into reality, first within, then without. Gaze into the flame of the red candle, knowing that the flame is the gateway through which the power of the spell will travel to them.

Step 5. Gather in yourself any feelings you have for the target. Eyes still locked with the flame, your will still pouring into the candle, focus on the things that you wish them to feel for you, directing these emotions and desires like beams from your eyes into the burning candle.

Step 6. Into the flame of the red candle, state:

By the Powers of Darkness, In the name of Asmoday, I sacrifice my love and my lust. I lay them on this altar and give them to the flames. Take my love and take my lust, And deliver them into the heart of [Target name]. Cause their heart to burn within her chest for me. Cause their mind to dwell always on me. Make them desire me as I desire them.

Step 7. Dig inside of yourself to find any emotion and desire for this person and eject them from you into the candle’s flame, towards your target, towards the end result that you desire. Search again to find more desire, continuing the cycle of pushing it out of you into the candle’s flame.

Step 8. When all of your desire has been drained, when you cannot find any more to offer, turn your attention to the black candle. Gaze into the flame as you gaze into the abyss, your heart empty of desire, your mind silent and numb.

Step 9. Sense the darkness beyond the black candle’s flame looking back at you, and know that it surrounds you also, swirling and churning. Inhale, pulling the living darkness inside of you, flooding those empty places inside yourself where affection used to reside. Sense the Living Darkness gathering around the burning candles, taking your desire in its claws, waiting to be released from the Temple walls to do its work.

Step 10. Fix in your mind the final outcome once more as an image locked in your inner vision or as a scene played out before you. Having exhausted all emotion for the outcome, this visualization should produce little or no longing but instead is a confirmation of what is to be. Feel as if the image in your mind is not some distant fantasy or wishful daydream, but is a reality, here and now.

Step 11. Allow the Darkness within you to carry the power of this image and the certainty of success from your eyes, into the candle, and through the flame into the heart and mind of the one you desire.

Step 12. Call out:

By the Powers of Darkness, I command that [Partner Name] be brought to me, To the fulfillment of my desire. Cause their heart to turn to me, Compel their mind to turn to me, And compel their body to turn to me. By the Powers of Darkness, In the name of Asmoday, So it is done!

As this is spoken, feel your wishes riding on the same currents of air that carry the words released from you.

Step 13. Blow out the candles, the red first and then the black. Breathe in the smoke and smell the melted wax—these are the heralds of your will’s manifestation.

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