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This system contains 3 powerful attunements!

This “energy toolbox” is an ascension tool to higher realms!

It is for the development of the qualities of the soul, for personal development, much needed for an easier life on Earth during these major changes on Earth!

Yellow-Golden Flower is a specific energy very suitable for the heart chakra. As all the tools in this system, the color is Yellow-Golden. This combination of colors intervenes in between each other, resulting in an extremely transformative energy!

Yellow-Golden Flower helps opening the heart chakra in order to get a better understanding of the higher realms. This powerful energy further helps us to get a deeper understanding of what God and the soul really is, and to gain a deeper understanding of life on Earth!

Yellow-Golden Triangle is a very potent energy (not connected to a particular chakra) for an effective protection from negativity connected to the Earth plane, example from “fallen spirits”!

Yellow-Golden Diamond is connected to motivation and to developing the ability to stay strong and the ability to move forward!

Use this energy while you visualize what you want and need in life! You can also use it as a “guiding light” if you find yourself in a situation where you cannot see what is “in front of you” or when you feel lost!

Includes a manual and a beautiful certificate!

Yellow-Gold Ascension System

SKU: 365
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