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The Werewolf Shadow Demon Soul Fusion Ritual is from our elite collection! Only one will be ever offered here up for sale.


We will summon forth Thousands of Werewolves and Shadow Demons on your behalf over 15 days time and they will fuse their eternal, omnipotent spiritual essence and powers into you to transfigure your mind, body and soul into a Werewolf-Shadow Demon Hybrid.

When the process is finished, you will be completely reborn as a Divine Entity and possess both the powers of a werewolf and a shadow demon.

The werewolves and shadow demons will become your eternal friends, allies, companions and teachers. They will often visit you to give you advice or guidance, teach you how to unlock your full powers and abilities, give you special words of power, etc. And you will be able to astral project and visit them in their native planes.


The new user of this ritual will obtain...

Shadow Magic

Shadow Manipulation


Moon Magic

Enchanced Senses

Overall Good Health


Mind Control

Mind Reading

Eternal Youth And Immortality

Divine Power

Open Third Eye

Ability To See And Hear Spiritual Entities

Control Over Dark Powers

Immunity Against Illnesses And Diseases



Increased Psychic Powers

Energy Absorption

Fate Weawing

Lucid Dreams

Prophetic Dreams

Healing Power

Good Luck

Increased Sexual Power

Occult Secrets

Esoteric Wisdom

Super Intelligence

Increased Vitality

And Much More...

Werewolf Shadow Demon Soul Fusion Ritual

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