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The purchaser will receive Usui Reiki Levels 1, 2 and Master level attunements, manuals, certificates and lineage.



Reiki Level 1: This is the introduction to Reiki. It teaches the student how to access and open up to Universal Life Force Energy. At this level, you learn the history of Reiki, and what this energy is, and the traditional Reiki hand positions. This is where you learn how to incorporate Reiki into your daily life. At this level the person is attuned and connected to the Reiki source of healing energy. You are capable of performing healing on yourself, through the hand positions that you will learn in this level and others who are present. There are 4 attunements to this level given as 1 long attunement over distance and separately usually when given in person. This level deals primarily with the physical realm.

Usui Reiki 1 includes manual, certificate, attunement.

Reiki Level 2: This is where you learn to use 3 symbols. You learn to use Reiki for long distance/absentee healing and receive the attunement for the 2nd level, which establishes a better connection with the energies that heal mental and emotional issues, and that can travel across any distance and time period. You must previously have been attuned to Reiki 1. See Reiki Manuals.

Usui Reiki 2 includes manual, certificate, attunement.

Reiki Level 3 (Master Level): When the student is attuned into this level all the Reiki energy is unlocked and complete mastery can be achieved. The student learns about two more symbols and will be able to perform Reiki attunements for others and teach others. There is only one attunement at this level. You must have previously been attuned to Reiki 1 and 2 before receiving this stage. The Reiki Masters attunement strengthens and increases your healing and psychic abilities. Most people who seek out this level are those that are guided to become Reiki Masters or teachers and wish to go on to teach others, although this is not always the case. Some decide to pursue this later.

Master Reiki includes manual, certificate, attunement.

You will receive three manuals, three certificates, three attunements and lineage.

Usui Reiki Courses Master Levels 1-3

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