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The package contains:

Silver Dust from Archangel Gabriel: This technique is meant to help to gain trust. By activating Silver Dust from Archangel Gabriel, the energy is going to help work on gaining trust in God, our inner potentials, a good outcome in life, well being, generally, everything that is good. To use, simply mentally state once: “Silver dust from Archangel Gabriel.” You might feel as if very gentle “rain” of energy will come onto your aura and your whole ethereal body. The energy works as a kind of protection as well, though the main feature of the energy is to help to reconnect with God, Angels, and their realm. Your trust in the spiritual world is going to be enhanced. You can sit or lie down for 15-30 minutes while doing the exercise.

Ray of light from Archangel Michael: Ray of Light from Archangel Michael is a very powerful energy because it works on a principle of a laser beam! It cleanses us from negativity, our personal negative thoughts when we feel down, alone, abandoned, without hope and trust. It helps us to work on our welfare, potentials and lift us up. You just mentally state once: “Ray of Light from Archangel Michael” and the energy will help you feel lighter, brighter, to leave obstacles behind you and encouragement to move forward. The trust in your dreams will increase with the strength of Archangel Michael. Meditate for 15 minutes while the energy flows and that is enough to feel the benefits of it.

Royal Blue Gem: Royal Blue Gem is a very fine and gentle energy connected to our hand chakras. It is good for artists, especially the ones who create something with their hands, such as painters, drawers or sculptors. The energy helps you do it in a gentle way, full of light, so any manual work will be gentle, fast and enjoyable for you. You can use the energy in your everyday life for whatever you work on with your hands. It does not need to be something connected to your profession, but any task you have to perform. Activate this energy when you want something to be done smoothly and when you need fluency. When you need to do something, activate the energy 5 minutes before and let the energy flow.

White cocoon from Archangel Gabriel: White Cocoon from Archangel Gabriel will create an energetic protective cocoon around the aura! It is especially good for energy workers, Reiki healers, people who do massage, group meditations, or any spiritual work. It is beneficial to help create your own “personal space” of protection. You can use it after a healing session with another person and it will help cut the “ethereal threads”. To use the energy, visualize that you are in a white cocoon, activate the energy and have the intention of disconnecting from other people’s energies and problems. As a treatment, stay in the cocoon for 15 minutes. If you need it very quickly when you feel drained, for example, in public transportation with lots of different energies, just mentally state once: “White cocoon”. The energy is going to be activated, and you will feel detached from negativity and draining energy!

Crown vortex from Solar angels: The Solar angels are more than willing to help us go through some transition periods that are currently happening on our planet and they want to help in this process to go much easier. The energy of Crown vortex is golden-yellow with white orbs. This energy is for opening our Crown chakra, in a very effective, but non-invasive way. The energy is very transformative, making a positive environment for opening our crown chakra, in order to be connected to Divine and our inner being through God! It is good to help with the ascension process and for spiritual growth. It will help us “see” the thing more clearly. After becoming attuned to this energy, you can just place hands-on the crown chakra and it will work where it is needed or you can use it as a meditative technique. Just mentally state once “Crown Vortex from Solar Angels.” This will activate the energy. You might feel a breeze, an “opening”, tickling, pulsing, or you might see light with the eyes closed.

Include manuals and beautiful certificates!

Trust And Spiritual Disconnection Attunement Package

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