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Unlock your personal true potential, Self-realization and cleanse your physical and spiritual bodies with 6 potent and powerful energies, needed now more than ever!

This package contains:

God Ganesha: Ganesha is a God that will help us to feel self-secure, self-confident, to enable us to be more creative, to remove obstacles on our way of success, self-realization and completion! God Ganesha brings a “lucky energy” for people who are in the process of creating something new! It brings luck and abundance! The energy is very positive to use and you can use it as meditation. You can also do a prayer to God Ganesha or simply imagine that Ganesha is with you and he will help you! Tuning in to his energy will definitely bring improvement into your life! More success, luck, self-confidence, and a boost of self-security!

Channeled message from Ganesha: “Be yourself! Be who you truly are! Don’t see obstacles as some mountains that you can’t reach and go over. The obstacle is as big as you see it! So it’s up to you how you will see something; either as an obstacle or as a challenge. So it’s either-or. It’s up to you! All the power is within your heart! So when you feel “big”, when you know that you are “big”, but truly from within, you will never ever doubt that things are impossible! Because there is no “impossible”. Everything you can imagine, you can achieve! But only if you are brave enough, if you trust enough and if you go forward enough. And what is enough? Enough is only the best! So when you reach for your true self, either to discover yourself or to achieve any goal, go only for the best! Your best! Not to compete with others, but to give the best from yourself. And then you can say it’s enough. Not before that!”

Orb of Archangel Gabriel: The Orb of Archangel Gabriel works mainly in our aura, by creating a white energy sphere around us as a protection field. It further activates the “fairy dust” in us! With this energy in our aura, it helps us to feel and become more creative and confident in showing ourselves to the world in a better way than we usually do. It can help make our dreams come true and to fulfill our unfinished tasks, as it helps to push us in the right direction! After activating this energy, you can be creative, be in a business meeting, or simply be creative and self-confident in your own personal space.

Golden Octagon from Archangel Jophiel: The Golden Octagon from Archangel Jophiel emits yellow-golden energy that is connected to all the chakras. It’s a very soothing and warm energy that is activated in the palm chakras and it’s used for activating and unlocking personal potentials! You can use it as hands-on healing, which is very beneficial. The energy can help to unlock and cleanse the chakras! It works in a spinning motion that is very beneficial for activating our personal potentials and talents!

White Light from Archangel Michael: White Light from Archangel Michael is a thick “white cloud” of energy, connected to all chakras and spiritual body. It helps us to unlock our true potentials and cleanses us from all negativity, obstacles and especially thoughtforms. Thoughtforms can have negative programmings like “we are not worthy enough” or that “we do not deserve abundance, wealth, health” or “success”. It helps clear away these programs we have, in order to clear our life’s path. The energy can be used as a meditation and help us see what programs, obstacles, thoughtforms which we need to clear and remove. When we realize what those are, then we can apply this energy to help remove those negative thoughtforms and programs.

Orgonite Essence: Orgonite Essence is a very powerful energy that uses the energy of Orgonite! You can fill up Orgonite energy tools to enhance their potency! The energy help clear our life’s path, our space, our mind/us from the negative energy that is hindering us from achieving our true goals and potentials! It’s very potent and we should all benefit from this energy and use energy tools made out of orgonite. If we do not have access to the physical Orgonite tools, it is possible to solely use the energy of Orgonite Essence and meditate with that energy for about 15 minutes. Orgonite Essence is excellent to use for self-improvement, self-development and gradually clearing and “building up” ourselves!

Archangel Zadkiel’s Purple Pegasus: This energy is connected to the Crown chakra. It opens us up to the divine and can help our dreams come true! It activates our Inner Child and the dreams we want to achieve in life! It’s boosting our creativity and opening our true potential from the divine. You can use the energy in meditation in order to find out what your dreams are, how to unlock your potentials, how to be self-confident and how to discover your true self! You can further use this energy to create a “personal wish diary”. You can use this notebook like a wish list, a to-do list, etc. You can add things that you would like to achieve, affirmations and anything that can help to “build up” yourself. The energy of Zadkiel’s Purple Pegasus will help you to know WHAT to write in that diary!

Include manuals and beautiful certificates!

True Potential And Self-realization Attunement Package

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