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Aphrodite’s Love Light: Aphrodite’s Love Light is a radiant mixture of white and gold energy connected to the heart chakra.  This energy will help us to open up for partnership love.  It is good especially when we start a relationship with someone or even before we meet a person in the physical realm. Because getting to know ourselves better is making us more able to be someone’s “other half”.  The energy can help improve awareness of how we can be “one” in partnership through God. It is important to know how to embrace and love God when in a relationship. How to love a person in the name of God, through God and because of God.  The energy is about how to understand oneness with a person, so as to say the concept of twin flames, the same soul.  It can be used to help you find your true mate. If you have already found your true mate, it can help you to have a better relationship with that person.  The energy is good to help you achieve a deep meditative state. Start the energy flow and have the intention of connecting to the soul of your partner. If you met a partner, you can do it together, or you can do it by yourself. It will reflect on a relationship and on the person anyway. Furthermore, the energy is good for cleansing all unnecessary issues in order to be able to be more “one” with the partner.

Archangel Michael’s vortex: Archangel Michael’s vortex is a strong, white, cooling energy that works in a vortex form. It is connected to the crown chakra.  The purpose of this energy is to clear the path to the divine, to God. The connection to God creates a positive atmosphere for love, acceptance of yourself and for protection. It also cleanses our aura, energy field, and ethereal body from negativity and everything that is unbeneficial for us.  Archangel Michael’s vortex can help us connect to God in order to accept love and deeply understand ourselves, our meaning, path, and journey. If we feel God deep inside of our hearts, it is easier to love and be loved.  To use, activate the energy and sit for 15 minutes in a meditative position, and let the energy flow through your crown chakra. You can visualize that you are being cleansed and that your heart is deeply filled up with God’s love.

Red Heart: The energy of Red Heart is a Ruby ray connected to the heart chakra and it serves to connect you to your soul mate!  The energy is intended to open you/your heart chakra up for partnership love. The energy can help you by giving you insights on what partnership really means. It helps you to accept to be loved and to embrace yourself.  The Red Heart energy can help you to open you up to higher spheres and help you to connect to God, in order to receive knowledge about what truly divine love is. Also, it shows you how to love a person divinely, how divine love functions, and how to share that with someone.  One of the biggest qualities is, to show you how to bring up the best in another person. To embrace his/her qualities as well as your own, how to share partnership love, mutual life, habits, and how to deal with obstacles. And it will definitely bring you to the deeper knowledge of these things, even before you meet your soul mate!  If you have already met your soul mate, it can only improve your relationship!  When it comes to the usage of this energy, it is useful to practice it as a meditation or hands-on healing on your heart chakra for as long as you intuitively feel. You can also use this energy with your partner, healing him/her with this energy, treating the heart chakra. The intention is, that both of you will receive deeper insights together.

Double Green: Double Green is a natural combination of two green rays, both connected to the heart chakra!  The first ray is deep green, and the other ray is light “grass” green.  This combination is good for connecting to God and opening you to receive God’s love. This unique energy will help you to gain the understanding that you are worthy enough of God’s love.  Furthermore, embracing God’s love in all human beings, you are going to recognize God in all human souls!  Being very deep and transformative, the energy will deeply and permanently change you!  To use this energy, just have an intention to activate it and it will help you to reach a state of meditation. Be in this meditative state for 30-60 minutes.

Archangel Raphael’s Green Sphere: This powerful energy of Archangel Raphael consists of concentrated energy in concentric circles. It is green colored, and the energy is connected to the heart chakra and self-healing. It is especially good for healing traumas and “voids” made when we thought that we were not loved. That is crucial and important because self-love is the base for any other kind of love.  It will open us up for partnership love especially when we heal our old emotional wounds with previous partners and connections with them.  The energy is there to help us connect to God and the core of ourselves. It will provide us with the inspiration that we can self-heal with help from the divine and also how to open up for that help. It is furthermore very crucial in helping us to understand how the spiritual world works in the healing process. Loving the whole world from the soul and receiving love are the ultimate goals. Meditate with this energy for as long as your intuition guides you and preferably treat your heart chakra with hands-on healing for 15 minutes per day.

Metatron’s Rainbow Flower: This energy consists of a white, radiant ray with the quality of the full spectrum light.  It can help to purify our emotions, heart chakra, thoughts, and whole being from negativity that we gathered through the whole life.  It is good for healing traumas that may block us on the way of love.  It is especially good for developing gentleness. Gentleness is the crucial virtue in any relationship and partnership because we should cherish a person as a flower. That is why this energy is metaphorically called and given as a flower.  We should take care of a person we love as if he/she was our beautiful flower in the garden. We should feed our partner with good thoughts, love, and “water” as a metaphor of life.  We should give our best to that person, and then receive in return the same as we gave – a beautiful aroma as a metaphor for emotions, love, and presence. We get the beauty of that person as we get the beauty of a flower.  The white ray completely cleanses, purifies, and gives us what is necessary to all chakras, because completeness is what we actually need when we are in a relationship. All the areas of our life should be improved if we want to have a better relationship with someone, with ourselves and God.  The energy can be used like any other Reiki modality. It can be performed as hands-on healing on all our chakras, parts of our body or it can be distant healing in a form of meditation.

Rose Quartz Essence: Also called “the love stone.” Rose Quartz is associated with the Heart chakra and with love in all it’s aspects: Self-love, motherly love, love for others, etc. Care. Protective.

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True Love Attunement Package

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