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Zap and transform fear and boost strength with this extremely powerful package!

This package contains the following attunements:

Archangel Gabriel’s Star: Archangel Gabriel’s Star is a new energy that can help to “show you the way”. The energy is white-yellow, as a star. It works like a light bulb in a dark street, to “light up” your path, to show you where to go and how to strengthen yourself. It further shows you how to boost your inner potentials, in a way to help you find the courage in order to “move on”. Even in a dark tunnel, there is always a light in the end. To realize how, without darkness, the stars would not be visible in the night sky. You need to be aware, that in times of collapse, it is darkest just before the dawn. Archangel Gabriel’s Star is an encouraging energy that can help to give you strength. By working with this energy you will get insights and inspiration on how to move on, how to protect yourself, how to be courageous, how to stand your ground and say “I am brave”, “I can do it”, “nothing can break me”, “nothing can stop me!”

Archangel’s Raphael Healing Hand: Archangel’s Raphael Healing Hand is a very soothing, soft and yet powerful energy! The energy can be used by anyone and it is especially great for healers who can combine this energy with other systems, such as Reiki. It is excellent, not only for hands-on healing but for distant healing also. In times of tumult, it is a very soothing and comforting energy to use. It can help to calm you down, to let you know that everything is going to be ok, and to “feel the touch of the angel!” The energy is not connected to any particular chakra but it can be used on all chakras. It transmutes all negative thought forms or blocks that reside in your body into harmonious energy. It does this in a gentle way without any cleansing symptoms. You can use it on children and animals because they would love this energy as well. Also, use it on plants, water or anything that you want to touch with a “soothing and comforting hand”. Furthermore, it encourages good habits and characteristics you have as a person. Every single human that awakens just a bit, is aware of his/her kindness. This energy can help encourage kindness and generosity, as a soothing “mother’s hand.”

Archangel Michael’s Lightning: Archangel Michael’s Lightning is a white, very strong, potent and fast-working energy that works in the motion of a lightening. It help cleanses all the hidden blocks you might have, for example, fear of a situation or fear of something that might be hidden from childhood or a previous incarnation. The energy is excellent to use when we encounter any difficult situation, problem or obstacle. It helps strengthens us in a way that we do not fear anything. We stay brave and strong in front of any evil or obstacle in front of us. If you feel fear, activate the energy and see how it transforms the fear into bravery and courage, all the way to a point where you can say: “I am not afraid!” You can work with the energy once a day or whenever you feel the need for it. When working with this energy you will experience how it transmutes anything that is negative. It simply vaporizes. What arises after that, are all the positive sides you have. You further become aware of the presence of Archangel Michael’s help and strength. In a way, that it makes an even stronger connection with Archangel Michael than ever before.

Aphrodite’s Heart: Aphrodite’s Heart is a very soothing and motherlike energy, connected to the heart chakra. This feminine and subtle energy can help us to open our hearts completely for the full awareness of love! It helps us open our hearts and connect to God directly. We are going to realize, that we are actually infinite beings, without any reason to fear anything! Even if something difficult happens to you, you can still remain full of love! When we are disconnected to the divine, this energy can help open us up and re-connect!

Archangel Sachiel’s Flower: This energy is connected both to us and Mother Earth. It is about connecting us and grounding us. It is connected to the sacral chakra and the ray of this color is orange. Archangel Sachiel’s Flower can help us become more aware of our physical body. We need to be aware of how to take care of the physical body and not just the astral and spiritual bodies. This energy is about raising awareness of the physical body and personal health. Archangel Sachiel’s Flower reminds us to be grateful to Mother Earth! We currently have an experience on Mother Earth and it’s our home. Archangel Sachiel’s Flower will help strengthens us in a way, that we will be able to say: “I want to take care of my body! This is where I live now and I will take care of my personal temple and the Earth I am living on!” If you want to lose or gain weight or make some changes in your physical body, this is a very good energy to work with. This energy can help show us the true potential of what being a human really is; A spiritual awareness that has everyday activities. The energy of Archangel Sachiel’s Flower is for the connection between these two parts in us.

Archangel Nathaniel’s Crystal: Archangel Nathaniel’s Crystal is the energy given to humanity to help realize how powerful and strong beings we are! It is about gaining knowledge. Not just about yourself and your inner being, but to realize what humanity really is and how we can be both social beings and individuals at the same time. How not to lose yourself in society. How to be one with everything and yet stay individual. About collectiveness and how to be able to help humanity and at the same time stay a unique individual. Archangel Nathaniel’s Crystal is a meditative energy that will help you to access the knowledge that is already imprinted in you. Your soul already knows! This crystal energy gives you the personal power to unlock this knowledge! Furthermore, this energy is very good for opening the Third Eye, to help you “see” what is already very obvious!

Include manuals and beautiful certificates!

Transforming Fear And Boosting Strength Attunement Package

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