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Not all cleansings and transformative procedures need to be painful and turbulent. There are many ways to make them gentle and enjoyable processes!
We offer you new channeled energies that bring you new possibilities to discover yourselves, change old patterns in life and clear everything that is unbeneficial for you!
Always remember to enjoy the process of re-creating “new-selves”. When we clear the path, the destination is like a bright lighthouse that gives us strength, encouragement, and determination!


The package contains:

Purple-Violet Ray from Archangel Zadkiel: This energy is connected to the Third Eye and the crown chakra. It works very well for opening these two chakras and for re-filling “voids” after a healing session. For example, when you treat these chakras with the Purple-Violet Ray, you cleanse everything that is not beneficial. The energy also fills up the chakras with the powerful universal energy of these two colors. This energy is beneficial for helping us to connect to the divine, for developing clairvoyance, intuition and channeling. Furthermore, it help us to become aware of life and who we truly are and for “seeing beyond”. To use, place one hand on each chakra at the same time; one hand on the crown chakra and the other on the Third Eye chakra. Channel the energy for 15-30 minutes. Perform a grounding exercise after working with this energy.

White Ring of Archangel Gabriel: White Ring of Archangel Gabriel is a “round-shaped white ray” that is excellent to use for cleansing the aura and the ethereal body! It cleanses even on the cellular level, especially from negative entities, negative thought forms and anything that is unbeneficial for us. To use, just mentally state “White Ring of Archangel Gabriel” and the energy will start the cleansing procedure immediately! Let the energy flow for 15 to 30 minutes. You can start or finish any session with this energy. After using this energy, you might feel that you become “lighter” and more connected to the divine!

Abundantia’s Red Flower: Abundantia’s Red Flower is connected to the first chakra. It is a strong red-colored energy and it is purely for abundance! Not only in the material world but abundance in all aspects of life, spiritual as well. Abundantia’s Red Flower is called a flower because we will metaphorically blossom using this energy! The energy of Abundantia’s Red Flower is very simple to use! Simply place your hands on your first chakra, mentally state once “Abundantia’s Red Flower” and let the energy flow from 15 to 30 minutes. You might feel heat while using this energy. After some time using this energy, you will begin to observe how things begin to change for the better, concerning abundance; how your perspective about abundance and the material world will change!

Light Blue Crystal: Light Blue Crystal works on the principle of a mirror. How? You are going to use and apply this energy in order to realize what your true potentials are, what your true “face” is! If you are in doubt about yourself, it will help you to clear “your path” and you will be able to “see beyond”! Firstly, the energy of Light Blue Crystal will cleanse you. Secondly, the energy is going to help you to be more and more self-aware. Using this energy every day, you will see how things change and you will become more aware of your inner being, your true self and of everything that is your true potential! Light Blue Crystal is connected to all chakras, so you basically use it like Reiki! Use it for about 5 minutes on each chakra and you will benefit from this energy!

Yellow Star: The energy of Yellow Star comes from the Sun and it cleanses each chakra in a very transformative way! This energy has a shape like a 5 pointed star, and it works on a principle of purifying unbeneficial energies while spinning! Use this energy by hands-on healing for 5-7 minutes on each chakra. Start with the crown chakra and all the way down to the Root chakra. At the same time, have the intention of transforming negative energy in the particular chakra into positive! Using this energy, you will feel lighter and brighter!

Burgundy Ray from Mother Earth: Burgundy Ray from Mother Earth is connected with our Kundalini and the first chakra. The energy of Burgundy Ray goes up through your feet and connects to your first chakra. The energy then opens your Kundalini and continues up and out of your crown chakra! The energy will cleanse you and provide you with the potential, protection, and abundance of Mother Earth! Burgundy Ray from Mother Earth is a very transformative energy. By opening/strengthening and widening your Kundalini, it is going to help you reach your true potentials!

Include manuals and beautiful certificates!

Transformation And Cleansing Attunement Package

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