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We decided to offer a very special and one-of-a-kind ritual from our archives to a worthy Master or Mistress.

The Three Books of Shadows Knowledge Fusing Ritual will transfer the knowledge, secrets, energies, powers, magics and wisdom from our special Coven Grimoires into the chosen Master or Mistress. The user's will absorb them into his mind, body and soul and become filled with eternal, omnipotent, supernatural power.


Angelic Grimoire: the powers and wisdoms of angels, angelic magic, spells, rituals, healing, overall good health, protection, peace, calm, immunity against illnesses and diseases, long life and much more...


Demonic Grimoire: the powers and wisdoms of demons, devils, hellhounds, succubi and incubi, demonic magic, spells, rituals, mind control, wealth magic, revenge, black magic, sexual prowess, domination, good luck, gambling success, material abundance and much more...


Immortal Grimoire: immortality, astral projection, open third eye, omnipotence, omniscience, the ability to see, hear and speak with supernatural entities, power over life and death, mind reading, immortal magic, invulnerability, ethereal magic, telekinesis, levitation and much more...


We will perform a week long ritual for the user and fuse all the powers and knowledge into his mind, body and soul. The recipent will become truly immortal and an unstoppable being in the cosmos.

Three Books Of Shadow Knowledge Soul Fusion Ritual

SKU: 246
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