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The Wisdom Ruler Empowerment

This attunement process  is to not be sold or bartered for less that $260.00 USD or used on any buy one get one, two, three or more free site or swap site or free attunement site.

Founder: Aghori Prajna Shiva Kalidasa

From the author of this empowerment:

This dark copper and gold gilt scepter was made just a few hundred years after the first Mahakali Storm Necklace (about 100,000 years ago), and was used by the rulers of several shamanic orders in the area around what is now Tibet and Nepal before the raising of the Himalayas. Much later after that then the head of one of the Shamanic families gave it to the first King of Bhutan to help him to rule wisely. Quoting from an article in Wikipedia: “Bhutan existed as a patchwork of minor warring fiefdoms until the early 17th century, when the lama and military leader Shabdrung Ngawang Namgyal, fleeing religious persecution in Tibet, unified the area and cultivated a distinct Bhutanese identity.”

At this time it became officially known as Drukyul, which translates as the “Land of the Thunder Dragon”.


Since that time the Kings of Bhutan have been known for their great wisdom. While it is not known exactly when the scepter was returned to the Bon shamanic families, it is believed to have happened during the early 20th century when Bhutan was feeling threatened by the British Empire. Then it was returned in the hope that it would be kept from those who would misuse it and so is coming to us at a very great price for which it, and all that it makes possible, is well worth it.

“In most cases, “Wisdom is born of hard experience.” It can be studied in books, knowledge can be gained in classes, but until you have experience with it first-hand then it is not truly wisdom. Many of the people who receive this empowerment have been wise rulers and counselors in previous lives. This energy will help them regain that ancient and past wisdom, and to update it for use in this day and time. And, it will give them access to the wisdom of the Kings of Bhutan.

What this Empowerment will do for You:

There are two known things that this empowerment process will do for anyone who receives it. The first is that it will reconnect you with any and all lifetimes where you have been a wise ruler or trusted advisor in some capacity, and it will bring that wisdom forward with the ability to exercise it in this and all future lifetimes. And, the second thing that it will do is to make it possible to connect with the spirits of the shamanic and Bhutanese rulers who have benefited from it in the past of whom most of them have transcended the earth plane and are in the spirit world. The energy for these two blessings come from the top two heads on the scepter  (description and photo in the manual).

1. One of the greatest problems with being in a position to be a wise ruler or counselor is one that often causes people to either hesitate or miss the time to act, or to not accept the position at all. That problem is the fear of either looking foolish or of doing something wrong, and it most often results in someone being unwilling or unable to accept the responsibility of leadership. This empowerment process will free you of that fear, and it comes from the lower head on the scepter  (description and photo in the manual).

2. The second thing that it will do involves a hidden part of the scepter  (description and photo in the manual). If you look at the picture of it you will see a part in the middle where it can be separated, with some difficulty, into two pieces. Each shamanic ruler and Bhutanese King has placed something into the handle that represents the wisdom of their heritage and family line. In most cases, this has been in the form of ash from sacred metals and gems as well as ash from sacred scrolls and from the cremation of the shamans and/or kings. This will connect you to the energy of their orders, ancestry and lineages of Teachers as well as to the spirits of the Thunder Dragons which are far more than a branch of Buddhism that claims that name as well.

Simply put, your life will never be the same again.”

The Wisdom Ruler Empowerment

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