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The Vitamax Empowerment by Baba Prajna Shiva Kalidasa

No one is allowed to sell this attunement for less than $260.00 USD, and it is never to be given away on BOGO sites, or free sites, or any swap sites. Further, only the entire manual can be given to anyone who is receiving it.

Only for adult audience

Includes English  digital e-manual sent electronically by link

Founder: Aghori Prajna Shiva Kalidasa

Levels 1

Aghori Prajna Shiva Kalidasa writes about his system:

“There are some men who would like to be able to “last all night” before or after they ejaculate, and some gay men and straight women who wish their men could last at least an hour or so. This empowerment will make that a viable option in your life.

I will admit to being somewhat amused when I was asked to set this up. You see, I know a woman who is notoriously hard to please sexually in that it takes her about an hour or more of continuous vaginal intercourse to have an orgasm so she usually goes to swingers sex clubs and find several men who will “make her a sandwich” which means there is a man in her vagina, and another in her anus, with her being the “meat in the middle” so that as one gets finished the next man immediately takes his place, and after there have been three or four men in each orifice then she finally gets off in an explosive orgasm that leaves her feeling satisfied for maybe a few days (or hours) when she would be back for more.

Well, imagine her delight when the day came that I introduced her to a man who was looking for a tantric partner, and who can keep going for hours! In truth, he actually gets off (ejaculates) around ten or fifteen minutes into the intercourse, but he stays fairly hard for hours, and he has a lot of stamina. The reward for him is that the continual stimulation causes him to begin having full body orgasms about thirty minutes into the process, and we have replicated his physiology, chemical and hormonal constituents, and experience into this empowerment so that you will receive the energy from this that will do either or both of two things:

1. It will make this become a reality for you if you are a man who desires this, and

2. it will cause the men you have sex with to receive this energy through you either vaginally or anally if they know they are receiving it, and are in agreement with it, which includes paying for it according to the copyright.

Now, as a man, I have to ask you here: What man in his right mind would not want to receive such a gift?

There are two ways to share this empowerment with others. One is to download the energy as instructed In the manual and the energy will begin to grow within you over time for these purposes whether you are either a woman or a man. And, the more you have sex the more it will do so. Or, the most powerful transference of this energy will come from arranging for this to happen, being paid for the empowerment (not for having sex), and then engaging in sexual intercourse with your client so that they receive this energy directly from your Root and Sacral Chakras to theirs. That is by far the most powerful way to do it.

NOTE: You are welcome to provide this empowerment free of charge to anyone that is your significant other in a committed relationship as long as it is done through the medium of sexual intercourse as is explained in the manual.”

The Vitamax Empowerment

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