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When Patriarchy first reared it’s ugly head some 10,000 years ago it did all that it could to misappropriate the power of Matriarchy, and this was most often done by claiming the symbols of power that belonged to Matriarchy as well as building temples to male deities over the Sacred feminine sites. One such abuse was of our understanding of the Sun and the Moon. This one has become so pervasive that even essentially matriarchal cultures tend to make this mistake today.


One of the abuses in Asian cultures has been the idea that men are Yang while women are Yin. A simple observation of nature will suffice to correct this error in commonly held myth in that women are the ones who are hot, fiery, emotional and passionate while men pride themselves on being cold, logical and dispassionate. Still, these cultures acknowledge that the Sun is hot, fiery and passionate, and that the Moon is a cold reflection of the energy of the Sun. Therefore, the Sun is feminine and the Moon is masculine and so are rightly known as Grandmother Sun and Grandfather Moon. And, feminine energy is Yang while masculine energy is Yin. This takes nothing away from either sex, but does correct a misconception that often has interfered with the right understanding and flow of energy.


A part of the confusion concerning sun disks has also been due to the fact that in most ancient cultures it is the men who have worn them fashioned in gold. The reason for this was to help bring about a balance of their feminine energies with their masculine energies, and it was also for this purpose that women more often wore silver symbols of the moon. Much of this knowledge was lost due to the patriarchal types killing anyone who dared to teach the truth. I am a “Green Beret”, and if any of those idiots care to try it with me then all they need to know is that I do not take prisoners. It will be a “kill or be killed” affair.


The Power of the Sun

Both NASA and other branches of the US Government have acknowledged that the greatest threat to our way of life is not the work of terrorists, but is the surge of electromagnetic energy associated with sun spots. Indeed, the sun has the power to send out one such electromagnetic pulse, known as an EMP, and put us back to the realm of technology that we had over 100 years ago. And, yet, it is the fiery warmth of the sun that allows all of life to exist on this planet. Indeed, one such EMP surge took place on the 12 of March in 2013 that would have fried every electrical circuit and wire in the world if it had erupted on our side of the sun. And, they know that there are many more to come that will be much larger and more powerful than that one!


The purpose for these attunements is to allow you to harness the power of the sun in effective and useful ways for such purposes as ritual empowerment and healing. These three attunements will hook you into the energy of the three Sun Disks that are shown from three cultures that are still in existence as well as the Sun Disk from ancient MU which was the Motherland from which much of the ancient medicine societies such as the Asaga (AKA: the Assaga) came from. MU is under what is now known as the Pacific Ocean, but has been written about extensively by such notable authors as Sir James Churchward and quite erroneously under the name of “Lemuria”.


The power of the sun is also quite often attested to by the existence of temples to the Sun and sun worship cults in just about every part of the earth. Indeed, the seasons in which we live are often judged by the location and intensity of the sun at any given time of the year. Simply put, all of life exists at the will of our Grandmother Sun, and this is true both physically and spiritually.


Each of these attunements comes from a different part of the world, and from very diverse cultures. This is good for several reasons. One is that just as no culture or religion corners the market on knowing the Creator, and so we benefit by studying everyone’s point of view, each of these four Sun Disks embody different symbols and expressions of the power of the sun. By being attuned to each of them then you are able to tap into the fullness and diversity of the power of the sun as they knew or know of it. This will give you a greater ability to use its power in your spiritual practice and healing ministries. 


So, we will take a look at each one in turn beginning with the Tsalagi (Cherokee) Sun Disk from the Southeast Woodlands area of the USA, then the Naga Sun Disk from the Himalayas, the Gan Sun Disk from Central Africa, and finally the Sun Disk of MU from the true “Cradle of Civilization” which now lies under what we know as the Pacific Ocean. Three of these Sun Disks are virtually impossible to buy on the open market so if you don't get access to their power here then you likely never will.

The Sun Disk Empowerments

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