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The Stomen Empowerment

No one is allowed to sell this attunement for less than $260.00USD, and it is never to be given away on BOGO sites, or free
sites, or any swap sites. Further, only the entire manual can be given to anyone who is receiving it.

Levels 1

Included is 1 pdf sent electronically and 1 distant energy attunement

From the author of this empowerment:

“The purpose of this empowerment is to bless the place of your business and your work so that great prosperity is drawn to it, and to you through it, no matter how things are going for the rest of this world.

The purpose for this empowerment is to allow you to direct this energy to the place where you work, or to the places of business that others pay you to bless, so that they will have great success, attract lots of customers who will desire to spend their money with you and for your services or products, remove all obstacles to success in your business and work, and increase the prosperity and wealth of both you and your business. Further, it will protect your business, and every aspect of your involvement with it as well as protect you personally, and all of the relationships that you have that are important to you and your work. It does no good to simply protect yourself, and not those others who are important to your success including your suppliers, advertisers, and customers as well as others within the government where you reside and work, and the services that you pay for, and it will cause them to love and respect you as well.

And, this empowerment also sets up future opportunities based upon the trends in your market so that you can change and flow smoothly with the times into profitable ways and activities since everything changes over time, and it is best to be where you can maximize the opportunities that come your way, and be able to see them before others do.

That’s a lot of activity and energy, but this empowerment will give you all of this and quickly. And, it will compound it’s effects on your behalf every time that you sell this service or the empowerment to someone else. The price for the empowerment is set in the copyright. What you may choose to charge for the shamanic service of blessing someone else’s business without the empowerment should be determined by the state of the economy where your live in the world, and the price that you can command for it.”

The Stomen Empowerment

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