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The Starseed Spirit Guide Connections Course facilitates connection to and communion with one’s Spirit Guides, through a series of 10 energy attunements. Through the activation of the 3rd eye portal you are connected to the Higher Astral Planes where you can meet Light Beings and Elementals that are connected to you or resonate with your Soul Purpose and can assist you in your spiritual journey.

There are many spirits connected each human soul. The spirits of our ancestors, elemental beings, star people and angels to name a few. And these beings are united in the Soul Journey we are taking because they too are “of the Source” and part of the universal unfolding. They are allies in our spiritual ascension and through working with these Light Beings, we can deepen our understanding and facilitate our development.

The course includes detailed information about Spiritual Ascension, Starseeds, LightWorkers and the Path the Self Realization. As well as guidance on working with your spirit guides, the 3rd Eye Portal, meditation, spiritual development, spiritual awareness and the process of giving and receiving attunements.


This system has 10 attunements. The first may be received either in real time or as a chi ball. The remainder are sent by chi ball.


Founder: Anna May

The Starseed Spirit Guide Connections

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