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The Shaktipat Empowerment

No one is allowed to sell this attunement for less than $108.00 USD, and it is never to be given away on BOGO sites, or free sites, or any swap sites.

Receive the Gift of the Goddess, and then bestow it upon others,for until you do then you do not truly have it yourself!

Level 1

With your purchase you will receive the manual, distant attunement.

From the author of this empowerment :

“Many people don’t realize two things about every successful and powerful attunement, and those things are that all such empowerments contain a balance of male and female energy, and that all of them contain Shaktipat energy.

Shaktipat, in it’s truest essence, is the most ancient primordial power of Mahakali, and that is the ultimate energy in all of Creation.

Shaktipat is also the process of giving this energy to others through ourselves, and this leads to the conditions known as Awakening, Self Realization and Enlightenment.

Shaktipat is an energy that I have consciously chosen to share at all times. Sometimes this makes people uncomfortable, and they avoid me, but simply having been exposed to it, even for a moment, can begin the process of Awakening that eventually leads to Enlightenment, and facilitating that is a great part of my reason for being here. So, anytime anyone sees me in any way then they are receiving Shaktipat energy. If they see me physically then they are receiving it from my Third Eye, and the same is true if they see a picture of me, and many people in this world keep my website on their computer as they feel the positive energy from it as well. Simply put, that website is an expression of Mahakali and me, and so it shares that Shaktipat energy with everyone that visits it.

After you receive this empowerment then the same will be true of you, of any picture of you, and of any digital representation of you such as a blog or website. This will be automatic, and will never stop unless you consciously choose to stop it. Of course, if you do so then you can also choose to turn it back on at will, and you WILL do so!

If you do not want this to happen then do NOT receive this empowerment.”

The Shaktipat Empowerment

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