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There are many distractions and fears in this world that would draw one away from their true spiritual path. The purpose of this attunement is to help you to see all of the possibilities of the spiritual life while also being ever conscious of your true spiritual path. For many people, this attunement will make it possible for them to quickly identify the true way for them, and to avoid the distractions and pitfalls that could cause them to miss it.   The spiritual path is like a sword, and the one in this manual is one that I carried in a past incarnation just over 3,000 years ago, and the woman shown holding it in this manual was a Kapalika High Priestess serving in a temple built in caves in the Himalayas during that lifetime in what is now Tibet.


During that lifetime we died in a battle defending the Mahakali High Priestess after she had finished the work she was there to do. We gave her the time to finish her work and then she and the others died on and around the rock formation we were defending from a patriarchal army. In the end, I killed the commander of that army, and then I finished killing myself since I had no hope of escape and would have died from my wounds anyway. There was no need to hang around and be tortured to death. What I did with my sword this Kapalika High Priestess did with fire down on the plains in front of the rock that had become our final position below the caves containing her temple. 1,300 years later she was back serving in the same position once again. Now, 1,700 years later, she is here preparing to do so yet again only in a different location.


A few years ago a friend of mine found the sword in Tibet, and felt my energy in it. He sent it to me, and later was able to get yet another from our army and the current Mahakali High Priestess has that sword now. I hope and pray that I will do better for her in this lifetime, and she will die peacefully in her sleep surrounded by people who love her rather by an army seeking to end her life. Now, back to the sword in this lifetime!    


Most swords have a wide part at the hilt, and they get narrower as you move toward the point. As we begin on the spiritual path there are many options available to us, and many people explore lots of those options without any plan or any real movement on a particular path. Indeed, many people will try something only so long as it feels good. When they begin to go deeper into something that ultimately addresses their shadows then they suddenly decide that it isn't the right path for them, and they go off to do the nearest fun thing that they can find. Such people are what some of us refer to as “New Age Butterflies” who flit from fad to fad while never doing anything serious with their lives. Many of these people were supposedly Arcturians yesterday, but have now decided that they must be Pleiadians today. Yeah, right!


There is little to be gained by beginning a spiritual path, and then not following it to the end. For, along the way, you encounter your Shadows – your own personal Darkness – and make peace with it. Once you have done so then you can move into the Light of your true power. This is the true process of Enlightenment, and this is what this empowerment will help you to achieve with the form and energy of this sword as well as the energy of one who has consistently fulfilled her purpose from lifetime to lifetime serving as your surrogate.

The Razor's Edge Empowerment

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