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The Naga Peacock Empowerment

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Founder: Aghori Prajna Shiva Kalidasa

Levels 1

You will receive 1 distant attunement and 1  emailed pdf manual, sent electronically by link

From the author of this empowerment:

“Consisting of the energies of both the Peacock and three powerful Nagas, this is anything but a lightweight energy, and it is able to function either with or without your personal direction. While it is defensive in nature, it has the ability to be used in offensive spiritual warfare as well, and it operates both quickly and with great destructive power on the behalf of whom or whatever it has been set to protect. But, to be able to use it effectively then you must understand its energies and how they work.

Technical Information

Peacocks are the Asian form of the turkey of the Americas, and they are closely related as well as share many of the same characteristics. I have hunted both wild turkeys and peacocks for food, and I can guarantee you that they are masters at camouflage and are the wiliest birds in the woods. Hunt them successfully, and you have seriously earned your dinner! The main difference between these two forms of turkey is that the Asian variety is exceptionally beautiful and colorful, and they have five different kinds and colors of feathers on their wings alone. And, for those of you who don’t know it, five is a dragon number. This is not true of the American turkey as it is simply several shades of brown. You would think that this would be better camouflage, and yet Asian Peacocks seem to literally disappear whenever they want to. I had to stalk one for over five hours one day before taking it “home” to cook. At that time I was homeless for a short time, and home was a brush shelter I had built in the woods near one of the most affluent neighborhoods near Oklahoma City, and the peacock was one of several that had gone wild in the area. It fed me for a week.

The peacock has some of the most beautiful feathers of any bird, and its tail feathers appear to have eyes that watch in every direction. While this is not the literal truth it is not far from wrong as the peacock can sense every movement in the air when it’s tail is spread, and can often sense danger that way long before it can be seen or heard. This ability is of exceptional use as it also spreads its tail when mating. Then all of its primary senses are focused on the peahen, and this greater sensitivity has saved many a potential pair from being some predator’s dinner.

Like the American Turkey, the energy of the peacock brings the ability to hide when needed, get all that you need in life, increases the psychic senses (especially the intuition) greatly, and helps you to gain the self-confidence needed to work well both alone and with others.

As mentioned before, there are also three Nagas included here, and they function equally in the lower (nature spirits), middle (where we are now) and upper (abode of higher spirits) realms of the spirit world as both guardians and protectors.

How it Works for You

In this empowerment the spirit of the Peacock will be aligned in an alliance with your own, and will work to help you in all of the ways that are covered above, and will also work to give you a warning whenever danger is near. The Peacock has one of most haunting cries of any bird that you will ever hear. Many a city type who has heard it has been terrified by the sound echoing through the woods, and those of us who frequent wilder places from time to time tend to be a bit more alert when we hear it. When the peacock calls to you in the spirit world then you will become more alert as well, and your enemies will have cause to be frightened.

There is also an alliance with the Nagas that results in a merging of your consciousness with theirs that has only become possible since the wedding of Queen Naga Kanga with King Sesha.

This will allow you to see much more clearly in the spirit world even as you are seeing things in the physical world. And, when the danger is perceived then the Nagas will move to neutralize or destroy it while the Peacock energy causes you to blend into your environment so as to not be seen by your enemies.”

The Naga Peacock Empowerment

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