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Founder: Aghori Prajna Shiva Kalidasa

Levels: 1

Included is 1 pdf sent electronically and 1 distant energy attunement

You will be able to initiate others

You will receive a certificate at your request


Aghori Prajna Shiva Kalidasa writes about his system:

As is often the way of things, I had a ritual conch shell that I loved and which fit very well with my work for many years, and then the Goddess said to give it to the Order of the Light Bearers. This was not all together a surprise since she had had me order another one just a few days before even though I had argued with her about it since it was expensive and I can’t blow two of them at once. So, now the other is gone, and one of my more dedicated Apprentices and I set about the process of discovering the qualities of this conch trumpet. This attunement is the result of that investigation.

Conch shell trumpets are objects of powerful sound and vibration, and it is the vibration that is captured here in this attunement. We will do what we can soon to also get it captured in sound for you in a YouTube video before the end of 2013. This particular conch shell trumpet is very old which is obvious by its heavy weight, and it has been carved and blessed so resemble the Nagas and to also carry their energy. Altogether, this makes it a very special ritual tool, and I have a few suspicions as to where it may wind up in the future as well.

When I used this conch on one of my Apprentices the end result was that its sound came out in short blasts, and each one cleared, balanced and charged her chakras from the root up to the crown. Then we took the photos for the attunement, and set it up. I sent it to her first to try, and when she did it at home then it had an even more profound effect for her, and we expect that this will be true as well for you.

When using such conchs physically then it is my preference to have the person I am working on either sit naked in front of me as I face their spine or lay down face up, and then I blow the conch at each of their chakras beginning at the root and working upward. Conch shell trumpets are great in this way as their vibration both gently and powerfully clears blockages from them while doing the other processes simultaneously. And, since this empowerment is also sent in an Orb of Life then you can also tell it under what circumstances that you desire for it to work automatically on your behalf, or you can even set up a schedule for it to do so, and it will do that for you as well. Of course, you can also reactivate it simply at will as you need it so it is a very versatile tool. And, while it will always work best when you are nude it will still help you a lot even when you are not.

Here is what Donna has to say about her experience with this empowerment:

“The energy takes a couple seconds to start. Then you feel a strong energy in the first chakra which builds and builds. Next it will go up through each chakra. It rises like the Ida and Pingala wrapping around each chakra, cleansing and strengthening as it goes. This is not a quick, fast energy. It is strong and slow until it has completed its work. When it is done with the seventh chakra it returns to the first chakra where it sits with the same strength as if waiting. I loved this energy!”


Sometimes the physical use of it comes out in long, clear tones. In attunements to it, and when using the energy, sometimes people actually hear it, and sometimes they don’t, but the energy definitely does its work. Having balanced chakras and enlivened Kundalini energy guarantees that you have access to your personal power when you need it.

Everything you need to know to use this energy is covered in the manual, and you are also shown how to make your very own conch shell trumpet. This puts a lot of your very own energy into the trumpet with phenomenal results for you, and then you can also attune it with these energies to make it even stronger. You will not find this kind of practical and useful information anywhere else.

The Naga Conch Empowerment

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