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The Ganesha Wand Multi-Attunement


Copyright Notice: no one cannot use this attunement on buy one get one, two three,…etc. sites, free sites or swap sites or to sell it for less than $150.00 USD.


Founder: Aghori Prajna Shiva Kalidasa

Levels: 1

Included is 1 pdf sent electronically and 1 distant energy attunement

You will be able to initiate others

You will receive a certificate at your request


Aghori  Prajna Shiva Kalidasa writes about his system:

“This wand was used by matriarchal women Shamans in a village in Northern India where they cared for their people with a deep and abiding love coupled with gentleness, peaceful intentions, mercy and healing within the power of Ganesha – the First Shaman – who helps provide focus and concentration to complete our goals, removes obstacles and rules over the planet Ketu to reduce or neutralize its negative effects while strengthening its positive qualities in our lives.

A part of the energy here includes 13,000 Ganesha mantras and a six hour puja process.
Essentially, this is a multi-attunement involving not only the Ganesha wand and the puja that was done, but also a Ganesha statue which is the only ritual object given to me by my Tibetan teacher. Geshe told me that while the Goddess rules my heart that Ganesha provides the practical, everyday useful help with which to get everything started and moving in the right direction. That is why many people begin every ritual process entreating Ganesha for help in a successful conclusion of the process.
All of these energies will be received in this one multi-attunement, and as you invoke it then your life will become much easier in the future.”


You will learn also:

Invoking Ganesha and the Wand

Passing Shamanic Blessings

The Ganesha Wand Multi-Attunement

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