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Receiving the Atlantian Crystal Activation is as prerequisite to this attunement.

The Crystal Skull Activation is the second attunement in a trilogy of attunements that will connect you to the healing energies and knowledge of Atlantis, the Atlantians, the energy of our Mother Earth, and the Crystal Skulls.  The main keeper of the skulls came forward to help mankind in the ascension process.

The Atlantians live below the ocean in the vicinity of the Atlantic Ocean.  They vibrate at a higher level than we do. You could say it is a kind of parallel universe that is connected to our world but just at a higher vibration than us.  They are now coming forward to help us in our spiritual progression and ultimate ascension for Mankind and Mother Earth.  The AtlantIans used the Crystal Skull’s energy and power for all manner of things and they held vast amounts of knowledge.  At this time the Crystal Skulls are being made available to us etherically to help us bring forward the Original Crystal Skulls.

Through this attunement you will always be able to access the energy and knowledge contained in the contained in the Ethereal Crystal Skulls.  It will help with any and all psychic abilities you have, maybe some you don’t even know of.  You will be able to channel this pure divine energy in healing sessions.


This attunement is part of  trilogy:

The Atlantian Crystal Activation
The Crystal Skull Attunement
The Elemental Earth Star


Founder:  Jay Burrell

The Crystal Skull Activation

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