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The Crystal Rose is a powerful system that was channeled by the founder of this system, Anna May through her work with the Avalonians.  These wonderful light beings are located in Glastonbury, Somerset, United Kingdom.  It is a sacred site attracting pilgrims yearly from all over the world, and has strong associations with King Arthur, The Wild Hunt and Faeries.

The Crystal Rose is an ethereal crystal, or a trans-dimensional crystal that has distinctive properties and purposes of application.  Its subtle energy of high vibration resonates with the etheric component of the human heart center, concerned with the healing nature of love and compassion.  Simply visualizing the rose can have a powerfully healing effect.  Some of the many applications can be used for unconditional love, compassion, forgiveness, empathy, harmony, peace, kindness, nurturing, femininity, clarity and the Lady of the Lake.

Attunement to this system subtly adjusts your energy field so that it naturally resonates with this facet of Universal Life Force Energy.  Regularly working with this energy will deepen your experience.  The Crystal Rose can be visualized or if this is difficult for you, a symbol is also provided to help you connect.  This energy can be used in many ways including self-healing, and for charging water either to drink or to bathe in.  This system can be used with others, particularly The Violet Flame, Ethereal Crystals, Usui Reiki and Lemurian Systems.  In addition to working with the heart chakra, The Crystal Rose can help alleviate physical issues too, particularly stress and tension.

If you own a piece of rose quartz, it can be held during the attunement.   It can then be charged with the energy to further enhance your experiences.


Founder: Anna May

The Crystal Rose

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