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No one is allowed to sell this attunement for less than $180.00 USD, and it is never to be given away on BOGO sites, or free sites, or any swap sites.


Founder: Aghori Prajna Shiva Kalidasa

Levels: 1

Included is pdf manual sent electronically and 1 distant energy attunements

You will be able to initiate others

You will receive a certificate at your request

On-going support is available via email


Aghori  Prajna Shiva Kalidasa writes about his system:

“This empowerment process will give you the ability to energetically heal all of the conditions noted below:

“According to Ayurveda, roots are useful in treatment of eye related diseases. The fruit is bitter, cooling, digestible, laxative, antipyretic, anthelmintic, appetizer, cures biliousness, blood diseases, anaemia, urinary discharges, asthma, ulcers, bronchitis etc. According to the Unani system of medicine fruit is very bitter, carminative, tonic, stomachic, aphrodisiac, anthelmintic, astringent to bowels and useful in treatment of syphilis, rheumatism, spleen troubles etc. Bitter melon is worldwide known for its effectiveness in treating diabetes… Bitter melon as an unripe fruit is commonly eaten as a vegetable, Bitter melon has been used as a folk remedy for tumors, asthma, skin infections, GI problems, and hypertension. The plant has been used as a traditional medicine in China, India, Africa, and the southeastern US. The plant has been used in the treatment of diabetes symptoms…At least three different groups of constituents in bitter melon have been reported to have blood-sugar lowering actions of potential benefit in diabetes mellitus. These include a mixture of steroidal saponins known as charantin, insulin like peptides, and alkaloids. It is still unclear which of these is most effective, or if all three work together.”



Brazil – for abortions, burns, colic, constipation, dermatosis, diabetes, diarrhea, eczema, fever, flu, hemorrhoids, hepatitis, hives, itch, impotency, leprosy, leukemia, libido, liver inflammation, malaria, menstrual problems, pain, rheumatism, scabies, skin, tumor, vaginal discharge, vaginitis, worms, wounds.

China – for breast cancer, diabetes, fever, halitosis, impotency, renal insufficiency, kidney problems.

Cuba – for anemia, colitis, diabetes, fever, hyperglycemia, intestinal parasites, kidney stones, liver problems, menstrual problems, sterility (female), worms.

Haiti – for anemia, constipation, dermatosis, eye infections, fever, liver diseases, skin problems, rhinitis, and as an appetite stimulant and insecticide.

India – for abortions, birth control, constipation, diabetes, eczema, fat loss, food, fever, gout, hemorrhoids, hydrophobia, hyperglycemia, increasing milk flow, intestinal parasites, jaundice, kidney stones, leprosy, liver, menstrual disorders, pneumonia, psoriasis, rheumatism, scabies, skin, snakebite, vaginal discharge.

Mexico – for bowel function, burns, diabetes, dysentery, impotency, libido, scabies, sores, worms.

Malaya – abdominal pain, asthma, burns, Celiac’s disease, dermatosis, diarrhea, headache, intestinal parasites, stomachache, worms.

Nicaragua – for aches, anemia, childbirth, colds, constipation, cough, diabetes, fever, headache, hypertension, infections, lung disorders, malaria, pain, pregnancy, rashes, skin problems.

Panama – for colds, diabetes, fever, flu, gallbladder problems, hives, hypertension, itch, malaria, menstrual problems, and as an insecticide. Peru – for colic, constipation, contusions, diabetes, diarrhea, fever, hepatitis, inflammation, intestinal parasites, lung problems, malaria, measles, menstrual problems, skin sores, pus, wounds.

Trinidad – for diabetes, dysentery, fever, hypertension, malaria, rheumatism, worms.


It has been an accepted fact all over the world that every Shaman should have a staff.

In this case, the energy will work according to all of the things you have read above that this staff and melon are able to heal, but that is not all. It will also deal with the spiritual root causes of those diseases. There is an Occult Maxim that is both ancient and true that says, “Nothing happens in the physical realm unless it happens in the spiritual realm first.” This has been proven over and over again by countless occultists. Attempting to heal any physical manifestation of disease is pretty near impossible without addressing the spiritual root cause first.

Whenever you are in doubt about how to bring about a specific healing then meditate with this energy, and the spirit of the Bitter melon shall instruct you on how to do what can be done.”

The Bitter Melon Empowerment

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