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The Temple Of Eternal Light Soul Fusion Ritual is from our Master collection! Only one will be ever sold here to the Chosen One.


Have you ever felt, that you were meant to be more than a mortal human being?

Would you like to see and hear supernatural entities?

Would you like to work with ancient divinities and become one yourself?


We will call upon ancient divinities from the Temple Of Eternal Light on your behalf and they will pull you out of your physical body and into their spiritual temple, where they will perform a soul fusion ceremony to imbue you with their divine essence and transfigure your mind, body and soul into an Immortal, Ancient Divinity. You will be completely reborn with Omnipotent, Supernatural Powers and possess ancient knowledge, power, the secrets of life and death and creation and destruction.

The Ancient Divinities will fuse into you their eternal gift and they will become a part of you forever. They will be your eternal allies and guides and you can ask them for help and aid whenever you desire.

Temple Of Eternal Light Soul Fusion Ritual

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