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The Sun God Moon Goddess Soul Fusion Ritual is from our elite collection! Only one will be ever offered here up for sale.


We will summon forth a Sun God and a Moon Goddess on your behalf and they will fuse their eternal, immortal and omnipotent spiritual essence and powers into you to transfigure your mind, body and soul into a Divine Being over 15 days time. When the process is finished, you will be completely reborn and possess their limitless powers.

Your spiritual, physical and mental power will grow over time and when the 15 days have passed, the Sun God and Moon Goddess manifest before you and give you an unique name. They will be your eternal friends, allies and teachers. They will never harm you in any way and will often visit you to converse, give you advice or guidance, reveal special words of power to you to use in your spells and rituals and unlock your full Divine Powers. You will be able to visit them in their astral realms and learn from them.

The names and full powers of the Sun God and Moon Goddess will be revealed only to the Chosen One.


The new user of this ritual will obtain...

Solar Power

Lunar Power


Healing Power

Heat Manipulation

Cold Manipulation

Open Third Eye

Ability To See And Hear Spiritual Entities

Astral Projection



Good Luck

Overall Good Health

Control Over White Powers



Solar And Lunar Shield

Occult Secrets

Supreme Wisdom

Esoteric Knowledge

Energy Absorption

Energy Manipulation


Lucid Dreaming

Increased Psychic Powers



Aura Reading

And Much More...

Sun God Moon Goddess Soul Fusion Ritual

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