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5 beautiful and uplifting energies from the Solar Angels!

This package contains the following attunements:

Solar Angels: Solar Angels come from the Sun and are connected to the Heart chakra. The energy is transformative and heals at the cellular level because the energy of the Sun is full-spectrum light. Helps rejuvenate and heal, especially the physical body. Use this energy especially when going through some processes. Excellent to finish any healing session or procedure with the energy of the Solar Angels.

Sun Ray from solar angels: Pure, warm energy of the sun. Connected to the Solar Plexus. Excellent for enhancing your will power, to bring your energy “back to life”, to be able to concentrate all your energy into one goal and for strength in general. The energy is also about life purpose and how you work on your life mission. You can use this energy when you are in doubt about what your life purpose is, or if you already know it, to remind you that you are worthy of it. It can also help show you, how to accomplish and achieve your life’s mission.

Golden Sphere of Solar Angels: The Golden Sphere of Solar Angels comes from the Sun and it’s a golden white sphere connected to the third eye. It acts as a “lamp”, guiding us along our path. It helps to remove blocks and dissolves self-doubt!

Crown Vortex from Solar Angels: The Solar angels are more than willing to help us go through some transition periods that are currently happening on our planet and they want to help in this process to go much easier. The energy of Crown vortex is golden-yellow with white orbs. This energy is for opening our Crown chakra, in a very effective, but non-invasive way.  The energy is very transformative, making a positive environment for opening our crown chakra, in order to be connected to Divine and our inner being through God! It is good to help with the ascension process and for spiritual growth. It will help us “see” the thing more clearly. After becoming attuned to this energy, you can just place hands-on the crown chakra and it will work where it is needed or you can use it as a meditative technique. Just mentally state once “Crown Vortex from Solar Angels.” This will activate the energy. You might feel a breeze, an “opening”, tickling, pulsing, or you might see light with the eyes closed.

Golden Star Essence from Solar Angels: The Golden Star Essence from Solar Angels is meant to be used for the hand chakras. The energy is a very transformative and potent! It works in a way that a golden “energy star” in each palm is spinning around while transforming negative energy into positive! It is recommended that you use it on each of the chakras, either on yourself or on others. You can further perform a cleansing, clearing, and closing of the aura with your hands, also on yourself or on others. It can be either a stand-alone system or you can use it after any healing session as a self-healing or for working on others.

Include manuals and beautiful certificates!

Solar Angels Attunement Package

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