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This is a pure black arts offering! Cannot be used for any benefical purpose.

Enter the Skull of Impending Doom Ritual. We will summon forth thousands of banshees, nightmare spirits, black demons, wraiths, vampires, liches, ghouls, reavers, deceased spirits and other dark entities to haunt and stalk your target, cause him nightmares, illnesses and diseases, deplete his health, cause his organs to turn against him, financial ruin, accidents and injuries, bad luck, blood loss, mental illnesses and other malevolent things.

Do you want long suffering for your target?

Or a quick and painful death?

Or a custom desire? Contact us and we will discuss the details.

This is a 5 days long ritual and the results are pure carnage and destruction!

Skull Of Impending Doom Ritual

SKU: 214
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