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Sita Mahakala Reiki

This course cannot be sold for less than set fees $45 USD, and can never be used on free attunement sites or swap sites.

Includes Sita Mahakala Reiki pdf & attunement.

Founder: Hari Andri Winarso

Levels 1

About this system:

Hari writes

Sita (White) Mahakala is a powerful deity of wealth and prosperity. He is wrathful form of Avalokiteshvara as the deity of compassion. His body is white, has six arms and three eyes.

Sita Mahakala Reiki was channeled to bring wealth and good fortune in all areas of your life, such as family, business, knowledge, spirituality. It is very effective to clear negativities and for removing obstacles that block the flow of prosperity. Sita Mahakala Reiki will also increase positive energies in your life and helps to overcome your life’s challenges.

With purchase you will receive:

The original English translation pdf manual by Hari, wich includes attunement information,  how to pass attunements, mantra and more. Digital pdf sent electronically and your distant attunement by chi ball call in method.

Sita Mahakala Reiki

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