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Papa Hood writes the following about this system:

"The siddhi mala was originally purchased by my teacher for $10,000. He converted its power into this package. It contains 16 attunements: 1. The fulfillment of wishes and peace and pleasure in the home 2. Curing diseases and emotional stability 3. Releasing stress and past karma, as well as past negative experiences and memories 4. Knowledge and communication 5. Realization of the higher self 6. Complete victory and healing of serious diseases, brings an appreciation of love and relationships 7. Wealth, fame, and spiritual knowledge 8. Protection from accidents and diseases 9. Blessings from Shakti 10. Immense protection from all psychic attacks, gives success in deals and freedom from debt 11. Wisdom, fearlessness and success 12. Material gains and happiness 13. Comforts of Life and hypnotic power of attraction 14. Grants foresight, wipes away calamities and worries 15. Wiping away of pain and bringing in of pleasure 16. Perfection in all spheres"

Siddhi Mala Empowerment

SKU: 429
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