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Shri Yantra Empowerment

Founder: Peter Aziz

Levels 1

Included is 1 pdf sent electronically and 1 distant energy attunement.

This empowerment is a result of years of intense Sadhana to Tripura Sundari, as well as empowerments from Indian and Indonesian adepts.

The Shree yantra is the divine blueprint of creation. Once empowered with it, it will restore your body and soul to its perfect structure, as before it had any karma. It can be used in healing, and food put over its image will also be restored to a perfect structure, even correcting genetic damage. The empowerment, which takes an hour, also cleanses the base chakra and increases abundance.

Peter Aziz writes about his system:

This empowerment connects you to the original divine perfection. It can therefore heal on all levels, and can repair the DNA. It is also associated with the Goddess Lakshmi, and can bring prosperity. During this empowerment, your base chakra will be healed, purified of all negative  energies and karma, and restored to a positive state, in which it manifests good luck and abundance. You will be fully attuned to the Shri Yantra, so you can call upon its power any time, for deep healing of yourself or
others, for repairing the DNA in food, or for healing your prosperity. You may copy and resize the above image. For healing, it is useful to have a small image with you, but you can call its power in just by thinking about it. You may want to use a larger image to place food on. In about 20 minutes, it will heal the DNA of any genetically damaged food stuffs.

A note about genetic damage:

The damage done by GM foods and radiation is just the tip of the iceberg. The real damage has been done over generations through the disempowering lies that have been taught. DNA is ultimately a map of consciousness, and is changed every time we change our consciousness. By realigning you to divine truth, the lies are erased, and DNA returned to its full potential. This not only improves health, but reverses the aging process and opens ones full spiritual potential.

Shri Yantra Empowerment

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