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This system unites the Shamballa Multidimensional Healing System with Shamballa 1024. It allows all Shamballa symbols to work as one.

The Unified Shamballa Symbol was gifted from St. Germain. After your other Shamballa attunements you will know when you are ready for this symbol.

Shamballa Unity Unified carries the energy of the 11, which is the beginning of the Master Energies. it reflects an energy available to inspire and uplift humanity, and reflects an unsualy amount of self-understanding with an ability to see through emotional experiences to the truth within.

According to the founder of this system: “I believe the Unity symbol is an upgrade of the whole Shamballa system. After the Atlanteans and Lemurians misused their power, I believe the Shamballa and Reiki systems were broken up. As mankind has ascended, I thing the energy is reappearing…”


Prerequiste:  Shamballa Multi Dimensional Healing Levels 1-4


Founder:  June Stephansen

Shamballa Unity Unified

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