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This is a dark arts offering! Cannot be used for healing, peace, mercy or similar purpose.

We wish to present a special offering from our elite collection! Enter the Shadow Vampire Soul Binding ritual. Only one will be ever offered here up for sale.

Over a 7 days long ritual, we will summon forth a Shadow Vampire and bind her to your soul and into your service. She is extremely powerful and a Duchess of the Shadow Vampires. You should treat her with respect, for she is a noble and she will help you on your path and shower you with her blessings.

She holds dominion over shadow magic, blood magic, seduction, mind control, spiritual possession, night magic, blood manipulation, shadow curses, hereditary blood hexes, shadow manipulation, dominance, enthrallment, wealth, luxuries, beauty, protection, sex, love, carnal desires, supernatural speed and charisma, success and more...

She is very easy to work with and will never harm you in any way. But we would recommend her only to experienced spirit keepers.

When the 7 days long ritual is finished, you will be able to clearly sense and feel her. She prefers to work with her Keeper during the night, but she can help and communicate with you even during daylight.

She will first appear to you as a mist in a mirror or a strange smell or voice, later in the form of a shadow energy orb. Once you worked with her for some time, she may manifest to you in her true form.

She is looking for a new Disciple, whom she can teach her unique shadow-blood magic, help you to master your life and reality and fulfill your desires.

Her name, full powers, etc. will be provided to the new Keeper.

Shadow Vampire Duchess Direct Binding Ritual

SKU: 230
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