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Sexy Red Fire Ecstasy by Lavinia

Levels 1

Please note: This system should never be traded, exchanged, gifted, offered fro free, , in reiki friendships, swap sites/networks, posted on any website, and is not eligible as a part of any package offer. It can be your main choice in a buy one get one free offer (the attunement you pay for) but it cannot be a free choice in any BOGO offer.

Founder: Lavinia Sina Szendrei

Sexy Red Fire Ecstasy

…a magical ecstasy of love, sex and passion.

This enormous, extraordinary, magical force puts you in pure euphoria!!

Powerful love energies will be released and you will be put into magical ecstasy of love, sex, and passion. The opposite sex will be attracted to you, hypnotized, and bounded to you. Sexual blockages in all respects will be solved, self love will be ignited, sex appeal and charisma, powerfully reinforced. This system generates quick success in love. Everywhere you look, it is shimmering light and love!!!

Sexy Red Fire Ecstasy

SKU: 310
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