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Sexy Magic Touch Attunement


Please note: This system should never be traded, exchanged, gifted, offered fro free, on ebay, in reiki friendships, swap sites/networks, posted on any website, and is not eligible as a part of any package offer. It can be your main choice in a buy one get one free offer (the attunement you pay for) but it cannot be a free choice in any BOGO offer.

Founder: Lavinia Sina Szendrei

Levels 1

With your purchase you will receive the manual, distant attunement.


About this system:

Sexy Magic Touch brings on your sexy magical self-confidence and assertiveness.

Enchant others with a sexy attitude and female assertiveness. Turn every men’s head in an incredibly endearing way!

Radiate a unique, sexy self-confidence that each will be convinced.

YOU are the Star in your life!

Sexy Magic Touch Attunement

SKU: 417
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