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We wish to present our Seven Deadly Sins Curse from our Coven coffers. Only seven will be ever offered here up for sale.


This is a seven days long ritual, where we summon forth the Demons of Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy and Pride and unleash them upon your target.

Once the ritual is over, the demons will torment your victim day and night and ruin his/her life. For example: Make him/her unable to have sex, have him/her sleep longer than usual and get fired from the job, make the target eat more than usual, become fat and ruin his/her health.

They can easily make the victim become a greedy bastard, who only cares about acquiring money. This will make his/her friends turn away from him/her, break up his/her relationship and become lonely. Over time, even his/her family will turn away from the victim and make him/her miserable, die poor and alone.

You can also tell us which deadly sin to unleash upon the victim with greater force. For example: Gluttony with hyper power, the victim will become fat, ill and weak.

This curse is not about causing death to the victim. It's about ruining his/her lifestly and causing long and painful suffering.

Seven Deadly Sins Curse Spell

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