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After the attunement you will be able to channel the fallowing energy and use it anytime you want:

The Senggoro Macan Inner Power system gives us the inner power of a tiger, a very powerful spiritual energy that gives it authority and protection against all evils. Simply by being initiated into this energy it will already make your voice more powerful (it will increase authority).
The name Senggoro Macan is a Javanese mystical term to bring the charisma and power of a tiger, because when a tiger lets out its roar, everyone is immobilized by the power.
In ancient times, this term was often used by kings and warriors to increase their power and charisma, because a man who has this Senggoro Macan is like a man with the tiger energy, where when people see the owner of this energy as if he were seeing a tiger, its energies are on alert, and when the tiger’s energy kicks in by its desire and prevents other people from doing harm to it.
Senggoro Macan Inner Power is a simple method to transfer Senggoro Macan’s magical abilities and Inner Strength abilities using inner power.
This energy is very beneficial if you are a company leader, entrepreneur, police officer and / or very useful in any profession, any gender.
Senggoro Macan has the following virtues:

• Protection against accidents and aggressors;
• Protection against psychic attacks and black magic;
• Develops willpower;
• Develops courage;
• Increases authority, respect for others towards you!
• Power to influence others;
• Increases charisma;
• Increases the hypnotic power of the voice (to be used in healing treatments).

It can also be used to protect any place (or even vehicles) against thieves and malicious spirit entities.

Includes a manual and a certificate!

Senggoro Macan Inner Power

SKU: 336
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