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The Sacred Mountains, Sacred Earth Shamanic Healing System has three activations.

Chumpi stones, also known as Apu Stones, are healing stones from the Peruvian High Andes. They are used for energy clearing, grounding and protection. They link to the 7 major Chakras and also to the seven Sacred Mountains of the Andes.

Chumpi is a Quechua word that translates as ‘belt’. This refers to the energy centers in the subtle body and sometimes called the bands of power.

Apu is the Quechua word for mountain, and links them to the Sacred Mountains. Each stone is linked to a specific Sacred Mountain, and harnesses and carries the energy of that Mountain within its energy field. When used on a person, these seven sacred stones awaken the latent healing abilities that reside in the person’s luminous body. The Sacred Mountains enable great and powerful grounding and protective qualities, bringing with them far more than a standard set of Chakra Crystals.

Sacred Andean healing hands are carved hands are used to achieve a much greater and far stronger energetic connection to another person. They act as a perfect energy conduit and are very well suited to working at a distance from a client.

Your attunement to the Sacred Healing Hands enables you to ‘hold hands’ with the client in token form.

Crystal Skulls, which are very popular across the world today, have been used in the Americas for thousands of years. Legends of these mysterious crystal skulls have been sometimes connected with extra-terrestrials.

The crystal skulls can be used as energy conduits to increase the natural flow through the energy bodies.


The manual includes information about the following:

  • Ancestor Spirit Calling Flutes made from Llama Bone
  • The Mitchell-Hedges Skull
  • Palo Santo Wood – Holy Wood – The Incense of the Andes
  • Q’eros, the last bloodline descendants of the ancient Inca high priests of Machu Picchu
  • Inka Medicine Wheel
  • Mesa Cloth, a portable altar or medicine bundle used for healing, ceremony, prayer and divination
  • Medicinal Plants of Peru
  • Sacred Inca Hymns


Founder: Philip Hilton

Sacred Mountains, Sacred Earth Shamanic Healing System

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