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Sacred Breath is about many thoughts and customs.  To some it is a shamanic process, for others may be different. Each person that works with this system brings forth their own personal spiritual thoughts and beliefs making it their own personal journey.

This is a self-healing system, a healing system to use with others others, and also to help in healing our beloved Mother Earth.

This system comes with a very detailed manual which covers many topics including Crystal Clearing Breath, Dolphin Breath/Meditation, Healing with Sound, Hand Positions, Bach Flower Remedies, Healing with Essential Oils/Herbs, Gifts of the Stone Lodge People, Chakras, Ethereal Crystals/Stones, Animal Medicine/Totems, Working with Colors, Feather Healing/The Winged Ones, Smudging Ceremony and much more.


Included in the attunement are the following:
*Breath of the East Wind/Elemental
*Breath of Air Breath/Elemental
*Breath of Water Breath/Elemental
*Breath of Fire
*Breath of the North/Elemental
*Breath of Earth
*Breath of the Rainbow Breathing/Moon
*Breathing the Sun
*Crystal Clearing Breath
*Dolphin Breath/Meditation
*Healing with Sound
*Hand Positions
*Additional Information/Aides
*Bach Flower Remedies
*Healing With Essential Oils and Herbs
*Gifts of the Stone Lodge People
*Ethereal Crystals
*Animal Medicine/Totems
*Working With Colors
*Feather Healing
*Cardinal Directions
*Smudging Ceremony
*Attunement Process

You will also receive many added exercises to enhance this system.


Founder:  Wanda S. Ruffner

Sacred Breath - A Journey of Remembering

SKU: 528
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