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THE ROYAL STARS REIKI is a system that uses the powerful energy of the 4 “Royal Stars” for healing!

Newly revised manual (14. April 2020) including new information!

Energy stronger than ever
Revised and expanded manual
New attunement procedure
Added crystal healing exercise
Create a Royal Stars Reiki energy tool
New uplifting channeled message from the 4 royal stars

The 4 Royal Stars:

Antares is for Solar Plexus, Third Eye and Crown chakra. It is suitable for situations when you feel down, can’t move further, feel low and disbelief in yourself. This energy is strong but subtle, supporting, for gaining higher knowledge, bravery, courage and believing in your inner strength.
Regulus is related to Heart Chakra. It is great for the times when you need to feel protected, encouraged and worth enough. It will show you, that everything is possible and you can do anything your intuition tells you and heart leads you to.
Aldebaran is connected to Root and Hara chakra. It connects higher knowledge and Earth plane. It is good for making our ideas real and whenever we need to materialize something.
Fomalhaut is connected to Throat chakra. It is good for artists, singers, creators. It is feminine, powerful, strong but gentle. Use it when you want your voice to be heard, to relax, be creative, express your inner world and awaken the artist in yourself.

These are referred to as “Royal Stars”, as they were considered to be the guardians of the sky during the time of the Ancient Persians.

We can use their powerful energy for healing the whole energy system of the seven chakras!

This system can be used as any Reiki modality, as a stand-alone system or combined with other modalities.

It has 4 attunements and no prerequisites are needed.

This system has been given to us, in order to help us to move forward and making us realize how powerful beings we actually are.
Each star is described in the manual, as well as how to use and pass on the system.
Channeled and founded by Marijana Gabrielsen.
Includes a manual and a beautiful certificate!

Royal Star Reiki System Attunement Package

SKU: 375
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