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The course is founded by Ole Gabrielsen and contains 4 attunements + one bonus attunement!

This course is groundbreaking and has never been offered before!

1. Elixir of Life Attunement. This energy will help clearing the way for life force to flow freely in your energy body! Without life force, there can be no rejuvenation. Like a car cannot run without fuel, the body cannot exist without life force.

2. Emerald Staff of Rejuvenation Attunement. This energy helps the process of rejuvenation on a cellular level.

3. Immortality Flame of Venus Attunement. It helps burn away mortality consciousness stored in our cells and DNA.

4. Rejuvenation Reiki from Venus Attunement. This is the actual healing energy you are going to use, permanently.  The 3 first energies are only going to be used for 3-4 days each, as a preparation for this fourth energy. All 3 previous energies are also contained in this energy, so after the 9 days preparation period, you switch to this energy alone.

You will be able to perform healing sessions with the Rejuvenation Reiki from Venus and it is going to have the same benefits as the first 3 energies.

You will further be able to create energy items with this rejuvenation energy!

Infuse oils, creams & lotions with rejuvenation energy! Even offer infused products to your clients to use in between healing sessions!

Infuse gemstone massage rollers for a rejuvenating face treatment!

Use it as hands-on healing!

Use Rejuvenation Reiki as a gentle, yet powerful healing for pets!


This workshop also contains a bonus gift from Venus:

Hands of Light Attunement – Energetically shields and protects you during healing sessions. It repels negativity during healing sessions, not to “take on” negativity from clients.


Channeled Message From Venus

“Love is a blessing. Know that you should celebrate every day as a day of love! No matter where you are, who you are with, what you feel, what you think, what your doubts are, you have to remember that love is the key to every question you have.

And everything lies within love. Love is the most powerful force in the universe. And you have to follow the path of love if you want to be truly and deeply happy. Your heart knows where love lies, where love is. That’s a compass you have. The compass for finding God. The compass for finding love.

If you live the on path of love, your life will be full of “flowers”, poetry, full of everything that inspires you to live happily! If you follow the path of love, you will always be on the right track.

You can find other detours, but you will always come back to the path of love. And on the path of love, of course, there can be obstacles as well. It’s not just flowers, roses…there are thorns, but it’s a part of your journey! Ups and downs. Rivers and mountains. Nothing is the same, but if you follow that and if you follow the inspiration, if you follow your heart, you will truly and deeply always know the way and you will never get lost!

How to remain full of love? First, to love yourself! If you love yourself, if you have a love for yourself, if you find the love within yourself, you will always be able to give love, love others, and do good to the world. But that’s the only way, from within and outwards. Not the other way around. That’s how you stay young in spirit.

Being young nowadays means many things. It means how you look, how you behave, how you dress, but that’s not truly who young people are. Young people are people who live on the path of love. It’s about being childlike in a sense of following God’s word. In a sense of being near and close to the source. That’s what childlike means. And you should be like that. You should cherish and treat that child within yourself in order to stay young forever. Because the physical age does not really matter. It never mattered, it only mattered in human relations and the concept of being young, how you look like, how other people see you. But actually what really matters is the feeling when you physically stay alone. You stay alone with yourself and you hear the voice of your soul and you know who you truly are. That’s what really  matters. Are you happy at that moment or are you not. That’s the answer to that happy life and youth. Not what other people think. You don’t live with other people constantly, but you live with yourself constantly and the only concern you have, is how you feel, how you treat yourself, how you behave with and towards yourself. That is the only thing that truly matters. Not how other people think and behave.

To be young forever is absolutely possible! But it’s up to you how you will do that. And of course, if you feel good, you will look good. But you should not worry about the typical concepts of beauty. You should worry about how you feel in your skin. And you have to feel good if you want to be young. That’s the only “concern” you should have.

I can help you as an “architect of beauty and love” through the history. You know about me. Goddess of love. Planet of love. My energy and let’s say consulting me can help you to go through that process, realize what that process really brings you, what the process really means and what the true message of that process is. How to be your personal goddess of love and beauty, both for men and women.

Follow the path of what I said. Be very strong, safe, secure, self-confident and don’t be afraid to step on that path of love. That is the most beautiful path you will ever walk on. The path of your life!

So be courageous, be yourself, love yourself the way you are, because you know what? You are unique! There are no two same people in this world and you already have a benefit from that. You are very special! ALL of you are very special! So if you treat yourself as a special being, you will emit the energy of being special, unique and beautiful! That is actually the answer to how to stay young forever. And even if you are 75!
You can have a 75-year-old person who has a completely wrong opinion about him or herself, who appears to be very old in the heart and who doesn’t live life fully. And then you have a 75-year-old person who is full of life and love, who love him/herself, who realized how beautiful it is to be a human being! That is one thing you should also cherish and appreciate! So that 75 years old can actually appear younger than a 25-year-old, in terms of human age!

So that is basically my message to you. Always look at yourself as a unique being. God’s creation. And that is the most beautiful thing in the world!

Be blessed!”

The course has 6 modules and is delivered over 12 days, with about 3 days in between each module.

Rejuvenation Reiki From Venus – Enhance Inner And Outer Beauty

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